Aspiring to the Immortal Path

Chapter 451

Chapter 451: Ferocity

The 36 ghost guards howled out with a heaven-shaking killing intent.

This was the ghost guard’s strongest move, exponentially increasing his power. Even against Feng Buzhi, who was a tier higher, he was still confident in killing him.

With 36 ghost guards charging at him, Feng Buzhi finally paled.

He glared, black and white appearing in his eyes.

The go board world was activated.

The entire world became a patchwork of black and white.

Feng Buzhi shouted, “All life is but pieces on a go board, and I am its ruler!”

He threw out a handful of white pieces.

36 white pieces were thrown at 36 ghost guards.

Tang Jie slightly shook his head. “It’s useless.”

The 36 guards lightly dodged, all of them stepping onto the black areas next to them. All 36 white pieces missed.

This was the problem with the go board world. It was a combination spell and was only at maximum power when the black and white Feng Buzhis used it together. With only the white Feng Buzhi present, there was a very serious weakness—he couldn’t attack black.

Feng Buzhi’s Dao of Reality and Illusion originated from the Great Dao of Yin Yang, and the Great Dao of Yin Yang was fundamentally the two sides of all diametrical existences in the world.

In other words, a person using this Dao, whether they wanted to or not, had to comprehend both Yin and Yang. There were two sides to all things. Only with both life and death could one grasp the true meaning of the Great Dao.

For this reason, every move of the Dao of Reality and Illusion that Feng Buzhi used had both life and death, gave a chance to survive. For example, in his Black White Dimension, the black was focused on killing, so the white had to focus on life. All he could do was conceal the life, not make it disappear. Without the opposing life, there would not be the correspondingly powerful death!

The go board world was the spell art that concealed life the best.

When a single Feng Buzhi used this art, one half was life and the other half was death.

But when the black and white Feng Buzhis used it together, they could basically cut off all hope of survival, leaving only certain death.

This was why he had stopped using the go board world after using it only once. It was far too easy to see the problem with it.

Alas, even so, Tang Jie had managed to find the loophole.

Feng Buzhi’s problem was that the moment he was exposed, his ethereal and bizarre arts were no longer a problem. With the 36 ghost clones attacking again, he had to take them all directly!

At this moment, all 36 ghost guards stepped onto a black space to avoid the pieces.

Feng Buzhi’s normally effective attacks had been neutralized, and he finally realized that he was in trouble. “Do you really think you can beat me in a direct battle?”

His black and white eyes disappeared, to be replaced by white pupils.

Feng Buzhi disappeared, and then he reappeared on a white space. He grabbed at one of the ghost guards, his fingers plunging into the ghost guard’s body like knives.

Four ghost guards attacked in unison, but Feng Buzhi turned into a phantom. At the same time, the white crane in the distance turned real. But a moment later, as the four ghost guards struck Feng Buzhi, he still bitterly screamed as he was sent flying.

“How…” Feng Buzhi was stunned. He then realized that this True Person Gui seemed to possess the ability to see through illusion and reality. Even when his body was turned into an illusion, he could still be attacked.

Angrily grunting, Feng Buzhi turned around and rose up. The distant white crane illusion disappeared. Meanwhile, a powerful wave of energy surged out from his body and swept away the four ghost guards.

His body flashed, and a white barrier appeared around him.

This was the first time in this entire battle that Feng Buzhi had used a barrier.

𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖚𝖕𝖑𝖔𝖆𝖉 𝖋𝖎𝖗𝖘𝖙 𝖆𝖙 𝖓𝖔𝖛𝖊𝖑-𝖇𝖎𝖓.𝖈𝖔𝖒

This was the disadvantage of his reality-illusion conversion. When he used a barrier, he could no longer switch between the two states. This was precisely why Feng Buzhi wasn’t very willing to use them. But now that his reality-illusion conversion was no longer effective, he dropped his apprehensions and finally decided to put his all into a direct battle.

With this barrier, Feng Buzhi flashed over to another ghost guard clone, thrusting a clawed hand at him and punching five holes in it. He then appeared elsewhere and did the same, giving no chance for the ghost guards to come together and attack him.

“Watch out! He can freely move around within this go board world!” Xu Miaoran shouted.

“I know,” Tang Jie controlled the ghost guard into replying. “But he can only appear on the white spaces. Moreover… there can’t be any obstructions on the white space. So long as we can block his paths, he can’t move anywhere.”

“But there are so many white spaces,” Xu Miaoran said in shock.

Feng Buzhi’s go board world had engulfed this entire area, and there were black and white spaces all over. Even if everyone joined together with the 36 ghost guards, they couldn’t stop up all the white spaces.

But Tang Jie chuckled. “That’s why his luck is bad. His reality-illusion conversion ran into a g–… Gui Ping, and his go board world ran into me.”

He took a few steps back, and Xu Miaoran understood and quickly stood in front of him. As the two of them were intersecting, Tang Jie turned around and thrust out his palm ten-some times.

A moment later, the surrounding wood and stones all stood up, turning into ghost guards and charging in from all sides, instantly occupying all the white spaces.

“This is…?” Feng Buzhi was stunned.

He had not seen the Duplication spell before and was flabbergasted by this move from Tang Jie. For a brief moment, he almost took these all to be the ghost guard’s clones. Fortunately, he quickly realized that there was no way a single person could produce this many clones. These had to all be illusions.

But regardless of what type of illusion spell it was, the white spaces had all been blocked, and Feng Buzhi could no longer freely move around.

Moreover, in order to maximize his advantage, he had forbidden large-area spell arts in his go board world, only permitting targeted spell arts.

But because his black counterpart wasn’t here, his go board world now had a serious flaw. Now that he had lost the ability to attack groups, he could do nothing about all these duplicates.

This go board world had become his prison.

Feng Buzhi knew that he was in trouble, and he wanted to withdraw the go board world. But he suddenly saw the ghost guard’s original body snatch at the air, and the go board actually became fixed and impossible to dispel.

“This is…”

“The Dao of Reality-Illusion Conversion. I learned it from you,” Tang Jie coldly said through the ghost guard.

“How can that be possible?” Feng Buzhi cried out in shock.

“Nothing is impossible. You could learn my Thousand Ghost Shadows, so I can learn your reality-illusion conversion. It’s like we were trading teachings.”

Tang Jie coldly replied through the ghost guard. After understanding how Feng Buzhi used Reality and Illusion, Tang Jie also gained some understanding of this Dao. The fact that the ghost guard was created by turning the illusory into the real had been an enormous help in this aspect.

Of course, this level of understanding was far from reaching the level of a Dao, but it was at least at the level of an art, which was enough for Tang Jie to work with. He couldn’t break Feng Buzhi’s art, but he could reinforce it for him.

At this moment, the go board world was Feng Buzhi’s cage. He had built this cage, but now, he couldn’t leave it.

The ghost guard clones surged toward him.

“Bas…tard!” A dense murderous aura gathered on Feng Buzhi’s face.

He fiercely thrust out a palm, sending a lethal wave of energy at the ghost guards.

Two ghost guards were thrown back by the wave, but two more ghost guards came in from the flanks. Feng Buzhi stopped one ghost guard with his hand, but the other ghost guard struck him in the waist.

His barrier rippled as Feng Buzhi turned his hand around and grabbed that ghost guard by the head. His hand flashed white, his fingers punching through that ghost guard’s skull. His fingers clenched, and the skull shattered, the ghost guard dissolving into light.

Bang! Bang! Two palms thumped against his back. Without turning his head, Feng Buzhi swung his sleeve around, and it slammed that ghost guard into light as if it was an iron pillar.

His attacks seemed simple, but one could say that each blow had all of his power behind it, enough to split mountains. Even so, each ghost guard needed several blows to take care of.

As he was taking care of this ghost guard, another ghost guard attacked his chest. This time, Feng Buzhi’s barrier shattered, unable to endure any more.

A ghost hand slammed into his chest, and Feng Buzhi threw up a mouthful of blood in pain. At the same time, his left hand rose, shooting a white ray of light that shot through the ghost guard’s forehead, and his right hand slapped his body, producing another white barrier.

The moment this barrier appeared, it received two attacks at the same time—one from the left and one from the rear.

Feng Buzhi let out a frenzied howl, and another torrent of energy erupted from his body and swept everyone aside.

But after he swept away this wave, another wave came. The ghost guards seemed endless.

Most disgusting of all was that Tang Jie was even mixing in some duplicates in order to spread out the attacks. These duplicates naturally couldn’t do damage to Feng Buzhi like the real ghost clones, but they could draw Feng Buzhi’s attacks.

Four more ghost guards charged in, their hands flashing like sharp blades.

Feng Buzhi waved a sleeve to push back the four ghost guards, but to his surprise, the four ghost guards vanished with a poof.

Feng Buzhi was startled, and then knew that he was in trouble. These four illusions had allowed another ghost guard to get close and deliver an attack from under Feng Buzhi’s armpit, the clawed hand penetrating through the barrier and striking at Feng Buzhi directly.

Feng Buzhi realized that this was actually the original ghost guard.


Blood gushed.

Feng Buzhi realized with a start that his left hand had left his body.

He howled in pain and kicked at the ghost guard. The ghost guard was kicked into the crowd, and with a roll, he disappeared.

Three more ghost guards came out, one in front and two behind. Feng Buzhi thrust his palm at the ghost guard in the front. It was a duplicate destroyed with a single strike, but a moment later, the other two ghost guards came up, four palms thrusting at Feng Buzhi.

Bang! Bang! The barrier shattered, and several bloody holes appeared on Feng Buzhi’s body.

He howled and thrust out his palm twice, pushing the ghost guards back, and then he screamed, “Go!”

Four fiends flew out of his sleeve.

A leopard, mouse, fox, and ape!

These were the four fiends that Feng Buzhi had once relied on. The moment they appeared, they lunged at the surrounding ghost guards.

A bloody brawl ensued.

Inflexible fiends were naturally no match for the ghost guard, but they weren’t there to win, only to buy time.

No matter how powerful the ghost guard’s illusion abilities were, their fatal weakness was that they were time-limited.

They could not exist forever. So long as he could last through the most dangerous period, Feng Buzhi could still win.

As Feng Buzhi commanded his four fiends to defend him, the ghost guard army crazily charged.

Feng Buzhi grimly held fast like a reef against the pounding waves, the four fiends standing guard at his side.

Countless ghost hands, infused with deathly energy, cut at the bodies of the fiends, creating a feast of blood.

The fiend mouse, the weakest of them all, quickly fell, followed by the fox, the leopard, and then the ape.

The fiend ape had been the closest to Transformation, a peak Mind Opening fiend. Nevertheless, under the fierce offensive of the Thousand Ghost Shadows, it died a gruesome death.

As the fiend ape died, four more ghost guards charged out.

Feng Buzhi destroyed two duplicates with one palm, but a clone managed to get a palm strike in to dissipate his barrier. He thrust a finger through the forehead of that ghost guard and then kicked it away.

But at that moment, the fourth ghost guard charged in and chopped at his leg. There was another gusher of blood.

His right foot had been separated from his body.

He shrieked as he grabbed the ghost guard by the throat and squeezed. That ghost guard’s neck exploded, and Feng Buzhi staggered back, unable to properly stand.

“He’s faltering!” Xu Miaoran cheered.

But at this moment, in a series of pops, several ghost guards abruptly disappeared.

Tang Jie grimaced, and Feng Buzhi savagely smiled. “So it’s finally time?”

Yes, it was finally time.

At this moment, other than the ghost guard’s original body, there were only the duplicates left. Without the clones that could attack, their uses were very limited.

Without the ghost guard clones to stop him, Feng Buzhi could finally use all his power. He punched at the air, and the go board world was blasted apart.

Feng Buzhi waved his hand, sending out a furious gale that blew apart all the duplicates.

Feng Buzhi threw his head back and laughed. “In the end, I’m still the winner of this battle. While you might have lost this battle, consider it an honor that you managed to push me this far!”

As he spoke, there was suddenly a gust of wind behind him.

Feng Buzhi was startled as a sharp bolt of energy stabbed into his back, causing him to howl as he staggered forward.

Looking back, he saw Xu Tian coldly staring at him.

“It was you!” he roared.

Xu Tian grunted. “You forgot about us… Nine Serpent Tyrant Strike!”

The nine serpent phantoms appeared behind him, ramming into Feng Buzhi. This time, Feng Buzhi couldn’t summon the white crane phantom in time and took the full force of the impact.

Feng Buzhi crazily roared, “I’ll kill you all!”

He pressed his right hand down, and a giant palm descended from the heavens.

All of the cultivators attacked, their numerous spell arts crashing into the palm and finally exploding it to bits. But a moment later, Feng Buzhi appeared behind a cultivator, grabbing him by the neck and breaking it with a hard tug.

Four cultivators attacked him at once. He howled and took their attacks head-on, swinging his sleeve in response. All four of them were sent flying, exploding in the air.

Tears of blood ran down Feng Buzhi’s face. “Daring to fight me is seeking death!”

He thrust his palm at the ground, and a sandstorm howled to life. Three cultivators were caught up in the storm, and several dozen little rocks punched through their bodies and turned them into beehives.

“Hand over your life!” a woman shouted, her sword thrusting at the back of Feng Buzhi’s head.

Feng Buzhi suddenly turned around and thrust out his palm.

The sword tip met his palm, but rather than the palm being pierced, the sword bent. Feng Buzhi pushed his palm forward, and the hilt of the sword slammed into that red-clothed girl’s body, sending her flying as she threw up blood.

“Luoxiang!” Yun Danqi cried out as he rushed to catch his junior sister, but by the time she was in his hands, she was already dead.

“Luoxiang!” Yun Danqi cried out in grief. In truth, he had known long ago that Luoxiang liked him, but he had his own partner in mind and paid no mind to Li Luoxiang. It was only now that she was gone that he realized what he had missed.

He crazily howled and charged at Feng Buzhi. Feng Buzhi snorted, white mist issuing from his nose and seeking to coil around Yun Danqi like a chain. Just when it was about to strike, Xian Shaoyu pushed Yun Danqi away.

The white mist coiled tightly around Xian Shaoyu’s neck, and Xian Shaoyu collapsed.

Fortunately, Tang Jie rushed over and cut that white mist, saving Xian Shaoyu’s life.

Feng Buzhi grunted when he saw what Tang Jie had done, and then he thrust out his palm. To his surprise, Tang Jie managed to block this attack.

This wasn’t the first time. Feng Buzhi had attacked Tang Jie twice in the earlier battle, but Tang Jie had managed to evade the strikes. But the battle had been too chaotic at the time, so he wasn’t able to think about this too much. It was only now that he realized that something was wrong and carefully inspected Tang Jie.

He had a flash of insight and shouted, “Tang Jie!”

He finally realized the truth: this person had to be Tang Jie!

This damn bastard!

He rushed at Tang Jie.

Tang Jie coldly looked back at him, forming various hand signs.

At this moment, a spear whistled toward him. Feng Buzhi brought his hand behind him and caught Xu Tian’s spear.

Just when Feng Buzhi was about to strike back, Xu Tian roared, “Sunset Slash!”

The spear suddenly manifested a blade that slashed at Feng Buzhi’s arm, cutting off his right hand.

Feng Buzhi bellowed in pain. As his severed hand fell, it suddenly flew up, stabbing into Xu Tian’s throat and exploding, sending his head flying into the air.

“Brother Xu!” The remaining Wandering Palace Ironguards roared in fury as they charged at Feng Buzhi.

Feng Buzhi opened his mouth, and a white beam of light shot out, striking an Ironguard and pulverizing him.

But another Ironguard rushed up and gave Feng Buzhi a bear hug. Feng Buzhi raised an arm stump, light flashing on the wound as he stabbed it into the Ironguard’s chest. At the same time, the Ironguard hacked at his shoulder with his saber.

Another Ironguard stabbed his spear into Feng Buzhi’s chest. Feng Buzhi charged forward, allowing the spear to pierce him as he rammed his head into the Ironguard.

That Ironguard’s head broke apart like a melon.

The ghost guard charged back into the fray, clawing into Feng Buzhi’s body. The Nether Ghost Claw activated, crushing Feng Buzhi’s heart.

“You can’t kill me!” Feng Buzhi howled. He turned around, lightning flashing in his eyes.

Divine Will!

Even with his heart shattered, Feng Buzhi wouldn’t die. But his Divine Will attack rendered the ghost guard immobile.

Feng Buzhi pulled out his arm stump and struck the ghost guard with it, sending him flying away. Though the ghost guard was formidable, he would find it difficult to get back up for the time being.

This ferocious display had everyone quailing in fear.

All of the Wandering Palace group had been killed, and even the Joymount Island group had only a few people left. While Feng Buzhi was heavily injured, no one else dared to attack him.

Feng Buzhi limped toward Tang Jie.

Tang Jie continued to look at Feng Buzhi, his hands forming sign after sign.

Feng Buzhi instinctively sensed danger.

His body was badly wounded from this battle, and he couldn’t afford any more mishaps, so he hastened forward.

A clear voice spoke. “Sea Anchor Stamp.”

Xu Miaoran’s elegant hands threw out a special stamp that descended upon Feng Buzhi.

Feng Buzhi stopped and looked up. The white crane phantom appeared behind him, moving toward that stamp in the sky.

The two clashed, and Xu Miaoran’s Sea Anchor Stamp shattered.

Feng Buzhi savagely laughed and charged forward, thrusting his arm stump at Tang Jie.

At this moment, Xu Miaoran suddenly blinked to appear in front of Tang Jie.

Feng Buzhi froze.

This was an important figure of Horizon Ocean Pavilion. He could kill everyone here except for Xu Miaoran.

With no other choice, he turned his stab into a swing, striking Xu Miaoran on the shoulder and breaking her bones as he sent her flying.

“Tang Jie, hand over your life!” Feng Buzhi shouted, shooting forward like a cannon.

He was going to ram Tang Jie to death.

Tang Jie raised his head.

“You are the one who should die.”

As his voice entered Feng Buzhi’s ears, he felt the dark shadow of death envelop him.

He looked up and saw a giant human thrusting its palm down at him.

Twenty Heavenly Blades dropped from the sky.

The light of countless spell arts lit up his body.

The storm of spell arts completely engulfed Feng Buzhi.

Just when you think everyone is safe, Feng Buzhi adds a few more to his body count! Tang Jie ended up getting all of his friend’s bodyguards killed!

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