Demon Maiden Poison Maiden – Lilith and Sara's Faithless Journey

Chapter 4: Faithless Journey

Chapter 4: Faithless Journey

Translator: Asfiru

In the frozen atmosphere, Lilith slowly walking down the stairs.

When Sara looked at her, she immediately covers her face with her hands.

She didn't want Lilith to see her like this.

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Nothing but wound all over her body she receiving because of the punishment and judgment as an evil being by those people.

At this point, it is impossible to hide it.

Thinking like that, tears started to spill from Sara's eyes.

she felt Frustrated, depressed, or embarrassed. she might feel all of it.

not long after that, the frozen time began to move again. suddenly someone screamed.

"A killer! A killer! A killer!--"

Without hesitating, Lilith hit the old woman's neck who cursed and pointed at her.

She didn't smile anymore.

She unleashed her rage.

"Since I killed someone, what would you call me?"

The surrounding people move away from Lilith who is going down the stairs alone.

"You are trying to kill someone before, right?"

Someone snapped at Lilith.

"You are wrong! we punish her because we are trying to kill the source of evil that she possessed!"

"Because you punished her, now I will give you my punishment!"

Lilith jumped to the place where the man stands.

the moment she lands on the upper stairs, she swings her swords and cut the man's upper body in half.

The blood spouted out and slowly coming down from half of his body.

while she covers her mouth with a cloak that prevents the sprouted blood to hit her, she glared at her surroundings.

"I killed him in the name of justice. Now, I wonder how will you judge me?"

Then, the other half body dropped on the floor making a thud sound.

No one person dares to get in Lilith's way, they look at each other.

"Is that justice?"

"It's evil, stupid!"

"But...she killed our comrade!"

"Is it possible that he is evil ?"

while the rest of them is in the heated discussion, Lilith coldly went the stairs.

suddenly a girl standing in front of her.

Amelia spreads her arm and walks towards Lilith despite knowing what will happen to someone who blocked her path.

Amelia screamed.

If she didn't do that, she will drop her spirit.

"You should throw the stone at her! If you do that, we will become friends! If you didn't do that, our country will not last!

"I would never call that a justice or good intention."

"Then, what we should call that!? What are we ?! the support that we gave to our country, what should we call that !?"

Lilith clapped Amelia's shoulder.

"that's just an act of violence."

The line of a light move.

Amelia's upper body slipped off and drop to the floor.

It was a quick ending.

standing before kneeled Sara, Lilith places her hand on Sara's forehead.


"its getting hotter. The illness is getting worse."

the moment she almost faint, Sara looked at Lilith with staggering eyes.


"Yes, it's your mama."

"I'm sorry."


Sara lowered her head while Lilith takeout the medicine bottle and a bottle of water.

"Together with someone like me... I'm sorry... If I'm not with you, you could live an easy life..."


Lilith pats Sara's head when she cried. Her head full of bruises after being hit by stones. When Lilith touches it, the pain that Sara felt softened a little.

Lilith whispers on Sara's ear while she pats her head.

"But You choose not to kill them...right?"

Sara lowered her head while sobbing.

As a magician, Sarah had a special ability.

She could kill them if she wants to.

"Because it's bad to kill humans."

She hugged Lilith until her body drench by her spilled tears.

"You are a kind child."

When she drinks the medicine, she feels a lot of weight feel from her chest.

Suddenly at the same time, she felt sleepy.

She hugged Lilith as she lost her sense.

She heard a distant voice from her ears.

"You might be seen as a corrupt in this warped world. But because you are like that, I-I..."

There are no chasers that came to this place.

It seems that everyone knew about the riot which happens in judgment castle so they look at Sara and Lilith at a distance. The next morning, they left the Country of Justice.

In the end, Lilith was evil, but they didn't punish her for it.

Every people in the Country of Justice just likes hurts things that weaker than them, but they could not explain their sense of justice.

If Sara threw the stones, she wouldn't have done it.

Otherwise, their society will go on and keep doing it that way.

Sara didn't feel anything about those things.

"The truth is, you can stay here for a while until you are fully recovered."

"It's okay, Mama. I'm all right. I want to leave this country immediately."

"I see... I'm sorry."

Lily lowered her eyebrows as if she wants to apologize.

It's not her fault for staying in this country.

After Sara lost her consciousness, Lilith asked other people about the location where she could find the medicine.

But in the end, nobody knows or owns the medicine she asked for.

All of her efforts go to waste.

Somehow Sara knew that her mother's feeling down.

Lilith, A mother that will not hesitate to kill anyone.

A mother that shows a gentle smiling face, paying attention to every move that Sara makes.

Such personality that she has, it is not something that people can simply say about whether she is a definition of justice nor evil.

"All right, Let's go."


To the next country.

Lilith and Sara, their journey continues.


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