Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler

Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Godhood’s Package

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— Chapter 358 —

Mount Sunset, Dugu Bo’s Poison Palace.

“Honestly, I’m surprised you’re still in one piece with all those stories, Yunlong. Like, fighting an outer whose strength is similar to a half-step God King with unknown ability.”

Yunlong chuckled and replied, “Is that even a compliment?”

“Well, you’re much healthier than before, Dugu Bo.”

Dugu Bo dipped himself in the hot spring and smirked because the master he served had become an adult. He picked a small wooden basin and floated it on the water, having a bottle of wine and some light snacks inside it.

Yunlong followed Dugu Bo into the hot springs and felt Nature’s Energy lingering around his body. His sense is much stronger than before, and something special about this place.

“Ah… It is not a hot spring, silly me.” He commented with a chuckle.

“It’s a fucking divine poison.”

Dugu Bo’s smirk becomes a grin when hearing that. As expected of his ruler, he could discern the faint difference between the Yang and Yin of poison. However, this level of poison is not enough to reach the true divine realm yet.

Half-Step Divine Poison would be the correct term.

“I created this place using Fire Dragon King and Water Dragon King’s essence, mixing them with a myriad of poison made of several dangerous poisonous substances enough to kill Title Douluo in one breath.”

“So far, only Madara, Liu Erlong, Sieg, Kaina, Spirit Hall’s Elder could withstand this place.”

“Of course, we were excluding god-like beings like Dragon Mistress Yuena, Saintess Renxue, and the Empress herself. This place is a joke to them, and Gu Yuena even said it was good for relaxing.” Dugu Bo’s mouth twitched, remembering the day Gu Yuena visited the Sunset Forest to inspect the Dragon Kings’ Essences.

Dugu Bo shivered slightly, coughing profusely because the Silver Dragon King was pissed. “W-Well, let’s enjoy the wine. Since you’re an adult, you should be able to appreciate it more.” He added nervously.

Yunlong noticed Dugu Bo’s tone and commented, “I see that someone had a trauma.”

“Tch.” Dugu Bo poured the wine into a ceramic cup and threw it to Yunlong.

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Yunlong chuckled and grabbed the cup without spilling the water, killing the impact casually. “Haha, Thanks.”

As they enjoyed their time, a man with only pants and a towel on his shoulder appeared. He looked at Yunlong and yelled, “Brats, you are finally back, huh?!”

“This voice…” Yunlong turned around and was speechless.

“What the fuck. What happened to you, Old Man?”

“I know that reaching level 99/Limit Douluo increases one’s lifespan, but it’s getting out of hand.”

Jin Eyu, the Golden Crocodile Douluo, laughed and replied, “It has something to do with the labs. As the long age of Title Douluo fascinated them, they finally discovered that Spirit Master Cultivation is the path to evolve one’s body and mind, obviously to reach a higher realm.”

“My current stage is considered the peak humanity could get without having a God seat.”

He jumped into the poisonous hot springs and splashed the water into Dugu Bo’s face.

The Poison Douluo is annoyed and groans, “Can’t you enter the 1001 Poison Spring calmly?”

Jin Eyu grabbed a wine bottle from his spatial tool and replied, “Sorry, can’t do it. These old bones of mines are sensitive these days.”

“If your bones are old, then what are mine? Middle-aged? Bah, you’re just exaggerating and living like a freeloader these days.” Dugu Bo rolled his eyes because Jin Eyu had been doing nothing but speaking nonsense for the last three years.

Then again, Jin Eyu was lucky enough to reach Limit Douluo one year ago and mark his name in history. A history of being the strongest drunkard, that’s it.

“I felt an insult from your gaze. Do you want to fight, Huh?!” Jin Eyu frowned at Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo’s mouth twitched in annoyance, “Let’s go ahead. I’ll cut some of your lifespan, old crocodile!”

Yunlong sighed inside because he was coming here to relax. He looked at them and released a bit of his divinity, causing the quarrel oldies quiet for a moment.

“…” Dugu Bo.

“…” Jin Eyu.

Since they didn’t attend the last meeting, Dugu Bo and Jin Eyu couldn’t believe their senses. Is this really the Yunlong they knew three years ago?

Gaining their attention, Yunlong smiled and said, “What’s the matter? You two seemed to have eaten bitter food.”

Jin Eyu rested his head on the edge of the hot spring and drank his wine, “Nevermind, I’m not in the mood to fight anymore.”

Dugu Bo nodded his head in agreement and said, “Yeah. Too lazy to do it.”

Yunlong sipped the wine in his hand and returned, “Dugu Bo, Old Man, do you want to become a god?”


Jin Eyu sprayed his wine on Dugu Bo’s face and shouted, “What?!”

“B-Bastard!” Dugu Bo wiped his face and punched Jin Eyu in the guts.

‘Aih, these two.’ Yunlong waited for them to calm down again.

After 5 minutes, Yunlong looked at the elders and summoned a Thousand World Handkerchief. It’s his divinity anchor, with Qian Renxue staying inside one of the worlds to stabilize her Godhood’s power.

“As you can see, this is my martial soul. However, it functions rather differently now after I become a god.” Yunlong calmly explained.

“It could hold one’s divinity without getting limited by universal laws, meaning you don’t have to be afraid of destroying lower dimensions like Gu Yuena that pressured her strength to the mortal stage.”

“Basically, my subordinate could become a god with it.” He continued, which left Dugu Bo and Jin Eyu speechless.

“Of course, I still haven’t tested it with someone else. There is a limit on imaginary research, after all.”

Yunlong used Nathicaru and created a passive skill suitable for Dugu Bo and Jin Eyu’s nature. Since Yunlong wanted them to become stronger than this and help him to defeat the outer gods, he created a skill package like the one he shared with Bibi Dong.

[You have created “Godhood’s Package.” passive skill]

[Name: Godhood’s Package]

[Type: Passive Skill]

[Grade: SSS+]

[Description: Godhood’s Package is a passive skill created by the host Yunlong to help his subordinates reach a God-Level powerhouse, allowing them to comprehend the law and concept of this vast universe]

[Even though the package allowed someone to reach God’s Realm, the individuals had to possess all the qualities before ascending to a higher realm]

[Passive Skills: Blank God Tablet, Potential Awakening, Adaptable Soul, Super Growth, Multiversal Seal(On)]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Dugu Bo]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Jin Eyu]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with David Shield]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Uchiha Madara]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Liu Erlong]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Zetsu]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Melissa Shield]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Yaoyorozu Mom]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Hatsumei Mei]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Intelli Saiko]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills with Kaina Tsutsumi]

[You have shared “Godhood’s Package.” passive skills Sieg]

[You have shared…]

[You have shared…]

[You have shared…]

[You have shared…]

[You have shared…]

[You have shared…]



Over one hundred people received Yunlong’s gift and were stunned when the unknown content filled their heads. It isn’t something a mortal could do, so allowing somebody else to grow their Godhood is ridiculous no matter what.


“Brat, you’re still a monster, I know.” Jin Eyu laughed proudly.

Dugu Bo felt the sensation in his soul and mumbled, “Godhood’s package, what a mysterious set of abilities. I could sense a great change in my martial soul, akin to evolution.”

“No, this is the 2nd Awakening?!”

“M-Master, how could something like this be possible?” He looked at Yunlong.

“I am just that amazing.” Yunlong wanted to be proud once in a while too.

Alpha and Greed giggled in Yunlong’s spiritual world because Yunlong finally let loose his emotion again.

‘He’s still childish despite his appearance.’ Alpha commented lightly.

“Yeah, but that’s what makes the boss charming in my eyes. Sometimes you have to live freely.’ Greed added, to which the Genesis Rabbit responded with a nod.

“H-Hmph, don’t think this would be enough to pay for my teaching three years ago.” Jin Eyu blushed, which made Yunlong’s face blacken.

Yunlong covered his mouth in disgust and said, “Don’t act like a tsundere, old man. It’s fucking disgusting.”


Dugu Bu washed his face with the hot spring and yelled, “I had a shiver when looking at this. I need to cleanse my eyes with poison!”

“…” Jin Eyu.

Yunlong sighed in relief and looked at the sky, recalling when he and Qian Renxue kissed in the cottage near the Ice and Fire Yin-Yang Well.


“The Sun and Moon Empire will be wiped from existence.”

“I don’t care if they are from the future. You’re nothing for my happiness.”

[Ding! Qian Renxue has stabilized her Godhood on one of the Thousand Worlds]

[Do you want to appoint her as the World Lord?]


[By agreeing with this, Qian Renxue’s power wouldn’t be limited by Douluo Dalu’s Universe. She could grow into a Multiversal being or even Omniversal Being]

Yunlong pressed Yes immediately and said, “I’m sure she would be surprised when knowing this.”

“Let’s see the realm beyond the star, Renxue.” He laughed in expectation.

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