Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation

Chapter 500(End) - 500 The Developer’s Younger Years, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator Is at Your Service (End of Book) (3)

500 The Developer’s Younger Years, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator Is at Your Service (End of Book) (3)

Everyone’s strength was steadily increasing, and the strength of the three people was constantly merging.

It was as if a terrifying existence was brewing.

The three of them had already cultivated together for 100,000 years. This time had allowed their tacit understanding to reach its peak.

It could be said that the three of them were of one mind.

In this situation, they were stunned that their cultivation was even smoother.

Furthermore, they had also gained some insights that belonged to them! Yes! In the past few million years, they did not have a single comprehension. Now, they had one.

Moreover, this kind of enlightenment happened once every few thousand years, causing their strength to soar crazily.

They had already vaguely touched upon a special realm.

Another 90,000 years had passed.

When the three of them only had less than 10,000 years left in their lifespans, they were stunned.

They had a chance!

This was a once-in-a-thousand-years opportunity!

In the Immortal cultivation world simulated by the Immortal cultivation world, the entire Immortal cultivation world was covered with dark clouds. Hundreds of millions of living creatures sensed that something was wrong today, and most of them looked up at the dark sky.

Some of the more powerful Immortal cultivators’ eyes were filled with fear, because they could feel the endless threat of death from the dark clouds in the sky.

As a result, on this day, almost all Immortal cultivators did not dare to fly in the air.

Except for three people.

Qin Jiao!

Chen Qianxue!

Fu Shuangni!

The three of them were not afraid of the terrifying phenomenon in the sky because it was caused by them!


The three of them had used all their power to attract the terrifying Lightning Tribulation from the sky!

In the real world, Bai Yi had also given up on everything at hand. He was fully focused on the three Human Tools, watching their Tribulations in the simulator.

He did not expect that the three Human Tools could actually transcend the Tribulation in the simulator.

He was not too happy. Instead, he was more nervous.

This was because he knew that the Tribulation was only the beginning.

Can they successfully pass the Tribulation?

He still could not be sure.


The Immortal Cultivation Simulator in Bai Yi’s mind was reacting strangely. This kind of unusual reaction had never happened before. It was also because of this that Bai Yi immediately shifted his attention to the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Then, line after line of text appeared in his mind.

[You have invited Qin Jiao, Chen Qianxue, and Fu Shuangni as your candidates for the simulation. They have successfully transcended the Tribulation and Ascended in the simulated Immortal cultivation world of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator! You’ve obtained a massive cultivation base reward!]

[You will immediately step into the ranks of Immortals and become a true Immortal in this world!]

[All access to the Immortal Cultivation Simulator is now available for you!]

[When you Ascend, you can bring one to five followers with you!]

[Your three simulated Immortal cultivators have ended their simulated Immortal lives. They will also receive the cultivation reward for transcending the Tribulation and Ascending!]

[Please note that the developer of the cultivation simulator has left you a message: Continue working hard in the higher level of the Immortal world! Remember not to abandon any Human Tool – by Bai Yi!]

[Hello, Pioneer. You are the developer of this simulator, and you’re in your younger years.]

[The Immortal Cultivation Simulator is at your service.]


(The end of the book)

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