I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace

Chapter 1412 - Mysterious Letter ⑨

Chapter 1412 - Mysterious Letter ⑨

After being shown around the Six Kings Dungeon, we went back to the tower earlier.

[Roze-san, thank you for showing me around.]

(You’re welcome~~ If Kaito-kun had fun, Roze is happy too.)

It actually had been quite a valuable experience. I was shown to the deepest level of a dungeon in which no one has even broken through the 1st Basement Floor.

Incidentally, it seems that when Cross of the End is defeated, only the greatsword it was holding remains in the throne, and touching it would turn it into the Six Kings Sword, the reward for completing the dungeon.

I’m impressed by the elaborate production of this dungeon…… but I don’t feel like they had any intention of allowing anyone to clear it……

[Even so, that was amazing. With the dungeon like that, I can understand why no one has been able to clear it.]

(No one cleared it? There are though~~)


(Well, I don’t mean there’s a challenger who has cleared it. As a trial run, all of the Six Kings have cleared this dungeon at least once, and Megiddo-sama also comes to visit from time to time~~ Cross of the End has enough strength to fight against them, so it’s just right for when they want to go wild…… But, but, Megiddo-sama is also being mindful to others and only comes when there are no other challengers~~)

I see, now that you mentioned it, this place would be a great playground for Megiddo-san. Especially the Cross of the End, as it was strong enough to fight even against the Six Kings, so it was the perfect opponent for the battle junkie Megiddo-san.

Since it’s Megiddo-san we’re talking about here, I’m sure she follows the rules of restricted entry, so for her, this is like an amusement park where she can go from time to time?

(Also, Shalltear-sama also comes often and adjusts her Golem. Perhaps she’s trying to make Megiddo-sama fail the challenge, as she had been working on improving her Golem.)

[……That guy, so that’s the reason she’s strengthening her Golem huh…… No, but rather than feeling harassed, I feel like Megiddo-san would feel happy by that instead, so I guess it’s not a bad thing huh.]

(Unnn, unnn. Megiddo-sama is always impressed when Shalltear-sama improves her Golem~~)

Rather, from Alice’s point of view, I guess this could be something like an experiment. If Megiddo-san fights with her improved Golem, she’d be able to test the Golem out in a real battle…… so I guess it would be a win-win relationship for them.

As I was thinking about this, I sat down in my seat, Roze-san bounced around on the table while talking to me.

(Kaito-kun! Let’s play, let’s play!)

[I’m fine with it. What do you want to play?]


[Unnn? What is that?]

What Roze-san took out as she asked me to play was a large rice cracker-like disc. It looked small for a Frisbee, so I wonder how that is used.

(This, you see, it’s something you play by throwing! We can’t play this inside the tower, so let’s play it outside!)

[Fumu, alright then.]

I guess it really was something like a Frisbee huh. Anyhow, we went outside the tower and moved to an open area.

(Try throwing it~~)

[Ah, yes. Then, here I go.]

Following Roze-san’s instructions, I threw the disk, and magic power erupted from the flying disc, sending it flying at high speed and in a crazy trajectory.


[Ahh, wait———- Fast!?]

Thereupon, Roze-san joyfully got off my shoulder, chased and caught the disc at a ridiculous speed, and happily came bouncing back my way.

She looked like a dog coming back after catching a Frisbee, looking very cute.

[……In other words, it’s a toy that you throw and catch?]

(That’s right~~ When you throw it, it flies according to the magic power you put into it~~ Kuromu-sama told me it’s a toy called Frisbee. Watch this, okay~~ Ei!)

When Roze-san extended her tentacles and threw the disc, it flew at a speed that was an order of magnitude faster than mine, and I could see the trajectory of the magic power in the air.

(Let’s go play catch~~)

[This isn’t the Frisbee I know of though…… N- No, to begin with, Roze-san. I don’t have the ability to catch an object that fast.]

(…………That’s right, isn’t it!?)

It seemed like it wasn’t done with malicious intent, and Roze-san really just completely forgot about it. Wryly smiling at her reaction, I take out a ball from my magic box.

[In that case, why don’t we play catch with this ball instead of that Frisbee? Just like I said before, I can’t catch a fast ball, so I’d like it if you’d throw it slowly……]

(Unnn! Alright, I’ll throw it gently~~ Ehehe, I’m glad. I was downhearted thinking I can’t play with Kaito-kun, but I’m glad we can!)

What is this adorable creature…… Seeing her bounce around like that is just so cute. Roze-san took the ball from me, moved away a little, and gently tossed it to me with her tentacle.

(Is this speed alright?)

[Yes, it’s alright. It’s not a problem as long as it’s as strong as my throws. I’ll go throw it now then.]


I could feel Roze-san’s joy as she happily caught the ball I threw and threw it back to me, and as I also felt happy just from watching her, we enjoyed playing catch for a while.


Ͳհìʂ çհąքէҽɾ մքӀօąժ ƒìɾʂէ ąէ ղօѵҽӀ-ҍìղ.çօʍ

~ ~ Omake: The Six King Golems Summary ~ ~

The Blazing Beast: Volcanic Beast

A red Magical Beast-shaped Golem based on Megiddo. It specializes in charging like a battering ram, battling opponents with its excellent close combat abilities. On the other hand, it has few long-range attack methods, but since its speed is also quite fast, kiting it with long-range attacks would also be difficult.

It’s also extremely durable, so one ought to expect a drawn-out fight……

The Screaming Earth: Geogaiarum

An Earth Dragon (Triceratops)-shaped Golem with a huge physique. It’s based on Magnawell. Anyway, it’s a heavy tank-type with a mighty size and extremely high power and defense. Just like Volcanic Beast, it’s a vanguard-type among the Six King Golems, but it can also manipulate the ground to attack in a wide area.

The Singing Forest: Frauchir

A huge tree monster Golem based on Lillywood. It specializes in defense and counterattacks, and since the forest is Frauchir itself, it couldn’t be crushed by half-baked firepower.

It also has high regeneration and recovery capabilities, making it extremely difficult to break through.

The Frozen Abyss: Karismenalde

A Ghost-type Golem based on Isis. It’s a rear-guard type that focuses mainly on magical combat, and it will unleash Cocytus Infinity and Cocytus Zero at the start of the battle. If one can’t withstand this, they aren’t qualified to fight against Karismenalde. It has three Guardian Beasts with it, and as long as the Guardian Beasts are present, all damage the main body receives is nullified.

The Sneering Moonlight: Luminax

A Special-type Golem based on Alice. It’s a Shadow Golem, attacking with tricky tactics, such as changing its shape.

The battle against it requires multiple phases: 1st Phase being a tricky battle with Luminax focusing on surprise attacks, 2nd Phase a frontal battle with Luminax transforming into the four previously faced Six King Golems, followed by a tactic in which it multiplies into four Golems, with each using the power of one of the four previously faced Six King Golems. And then, its Final Phase would be a battle against Luminax’s true and strongest form, a Shadow Jester.

Designed by Alice, they are inspired by her original Trick Style → ?κατ?γχειρε? → Clones + ?κατ?γχειρε? → Ultimate Battle Form.

The Silver Attendant: Elcrester

A Maid-type Golem based on Ein, possessing versatile abilities. It uses a variety of Time and Space Manipulation Magic, and attacks at super-speed.

It also sets up magical threads around during battle, and when it realizes that its opponents can’t escape anymore, it determinedly faces the opponent in combat.

The Black Emperor: Cross of the End

The Dungeon Boss that reigns over the deepest level, a Golem based on Kuro. At first, it and Elcrester would fight together, and even at this point, all of its abilities are extremely high and are quite strong. Since it doesn’t receive damage unless Elcrester is defeated, it’s necessary to defeat Elcrester first, and then it will shift to its final form.

In its final form, it can use the power of all the other six Golems at will, and its basic abilities would be increased to a whole different level, making it have a level of strength that even the current Six Kings would find challenging to fight.

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