My Dungeon Life: Rise of the Slave Harem

Chapter 968

Chapter 968

“Terra, I was always curious how tough you are.” Lydia pulled out her blade.

“I’ve also always been curious how sharp your blade is. We’ve always stood together at the front of the party. I’m his shield, and you are his sword. I’m curious how you measure up.”

“Would you like to make a bet?” Lydia asked.

Terra’s eyebrow’s raised. “A bet over who wins? What do you have in mind?”

“If I win, I want to exchange pointers.”

“Eh? I don’t use a sword though.”

“I’m talking about Master’s sword!”

“Ah! Y-you mean, his pe-pe…his sword!” Her face turned red.

“Miki, Celeste, and Shao have all let me help them improve their sexual techniques, but Terra has always given me the cold shoulder. Even the times I’ve been present, you’ve always done it under the sheets.”

“You’re using now to push that! You…” Terra blushed. “Se- it, with Master, is a personal thing.”

In truth, of all of the girls, Terra was the most conservative. Although Miki was shy, her curious, mischievous, and inquisitive nature often led her to experimentation. As for Terra, she was extremely vanilla sexually. When other girls participated in relations around her, she usually kept herself covered and kept her interactions to a minimum.

Unlike Celeste who had announced her sexuality as bi, Terra wasn’t interested in women. She’d occasionally joke about her experience, but despite her time with her master, she hadn’t done much. Part of it came from her lack of confidence when it came to her own sex appeal. Whether it was her dry rough skin not unlike the earth, her small stature, her flat chest, or her deceptively heavyweight, she was sensitive about her body. Part of it just came from her upbringing. Her parents were wizards and she was a bit reserved. The day she threw herself at Master for the first time in that pool was the most daring time of her life.

To Lydia, who had been taught many sexual techniques and still found it as the best way to serve Master, Terra’s lack of initiative was something she wanted to fix. She had worked hard to get both Miki and Shao to express their sexual side more aggressively. For Celeste, it wasn’t necessary, as the girl had no hang-ups. That left Terra as the final one.

“Will you do it?” Lydia asked.

“Ah… but what do I get if I win?” Terra shot back.

“Hmmm…” Lydia tapped her finger. “How about… one week?”

“One week?”

“Mm… you can have Master for one week without interference from other girls.”

“Master… all to myself? What about the rule?”

“The rules only worked when it was just the five of us. However, I can make sure Master is with you alone for one week, presuming… I lose.”

“I see… then I must win.” Terra declared.

“We’ll see!” Lydia exploded out, attacking Terra with her sword.

Terra blocked with her arm. The blade sunk into her wrist about halfway before stopping. There was no blood spurting out, and when Lydia pulled back her sword, it was stuck. Before she could react, Terra lashed out with her fist. At that range, although Lydia was fast, she only managed to pull back as it struck her. Terra’s fist was like an anvil slamming into Lydia’s chest. With a cry, she flew back, the sword dislodging from the force and sending her stumbling back.

She looked up at Terra in surprise. Terra’s arm healed at a visible speed, and within seconds there wasn’t a single sign of her attack.

“Not bad…”

“You won’t be able to damage me enough to put me down.” Terra declared.

“I may not have Celeste’s speed nor do I have the ability to do a ton of damage in a single hit like Shao, but of the five of us, my speed and skills allow me to do the most damage over time of any of us. A single slice may not hurt you, but death from a thousand cuts is an inevitability!”

Lydia leaped forward, her blade moving with extreme speed. Her attacks were lighter this time, making sure they didn’t get stuck within Terra’s body. However, her speed was faster than Terra could manage. She got hit time and time again, cuts forming all over her body. Terra gritted her teeth, trying to follow Lydia’s movements as she danced around her with her blade. More cuts form on previous cuts, and some of them didn’t have enough time to heal before even deeper cuts were made.

Terra made a desperate action, leaping forward and forcing Lydia’s next hit to land deeper than she intended. Terra grabbed the sword, locking Lydia’s movement, and then threw out another punch. The second Terra had a hand on Lydia’s sword, Lydia realized she had lost it. She abandoned the sword and leaped back, narrowly avoiding her blow. Terra ripped the sword from her side, and then put it into her inventory ring, locking Lydia from getting it.

“I wonder how many blades you have left?” Terra asked innocently.

Even though Lydia had a few spare blades, that was her best. If she used one of the others, Lydia foresaw the other woman using similar tricks to get all of them. Once she was out of weapons, Lydia wouldn’t be able to fight any longer. Terra had determined Lydia’s greatest weakness. Whether it was Celeste, Shao, or Miki, all three of them could fight without weapons. Lydia’s only strength came from her sword.

“Admit defeat!” Terra declared. “You have no more weapons!”

“I haven’t lost yet!” Lydia cried out, and her body began to morph.

Terra paled slightly as she saw Lydia take on her beast form. Her body didn’t just become stronger, faster, and more agile. She also grew long claws on her hands that could substitute for weapons. Each attack would cause even more damage to Terra than the swords.

“You… I didn’t want to have to use this since it’s still in the prototype stage, but you’ve given me no choice!” Terra cried out.

She suddenly pulled something out of her ring. It looked like a golem. However, when it appeared before her, she jumped into it. Suddenly, the golem began to rearrange itself, the back sealing tight. With a rumbling sound, the creature began to stand up, and the eyes began to glow with light.

“Wh-what is that?” Lydia took a step back, staring at the seven-foot-tall golem in shock.”

“I worried I might not be able to keep up with the rest of you after you all showed your abilities to change. Shao’s Demon lord form, your beast form, and Celeste’s wind form… so I built my own. Master calls it a mech golem. I composed it of adamantine recovered from the wilderness. Its defense cannot be understated.”

The golem was solid rock, smoothed on the outside, with hulking shoulders and a round dome head and two glowing eyes.

“E-even if your defense is better, you still won’t be able to stop me.”

“The thing is… I didn’t build it for defense, I built it to increase my offense! Now, we can see who is stronger. My brains, or your brawn!”

“Then, I won’t hold back!”

Lydia let out a roar that sounded like a tiger, causing the hearts of those nearby to tighten. Terra slammed her fists together, creating a sound like two boulders being smashed. Lydia began to run full sprint at Terra, even going to four legs before leaping up at her face. Terra lumbered forward, each step causing the earth to shake. The two collided, each strike causing booming sounds to fill the air as they battled.

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