My Mage System (BL)

Chapter 508 Looks like it's my turn to play the babysitter

Axel quickly explained the situation to him and he asked him when he saw that Colin looked stunned: “Colin… How is my father, those runic symbols are supposed to help him not put him in that state?”

Colin regained his senses right away as this was really not the time to lose focus, and he immediately activated the knowledge of the Priests to examine Mykael’s body.

His eyes widened again and he told Axel, who somehow had a different voice than usual: “I don’t understand how this is possible but you managed to engrave those runic symbols on your father’s body without damaging his protective aura, it’s as if you went through it… But maybe it’s because you only used the Divine energy and that Mykael gave you his consent that fortunately his protective aura wasn’t damaged, otherwise it would have been much worse than this.”

When he saw Axel frowing he explained to him: “Every God as a protective aura around their body, this aura protect them when there are resting and not on guard.

The stronger the God, the stronger this aura is.

This is why you can only kill a God when he uses his power, because when he uses his power, this protective aura disappears, or rather instead of protecting him, it helps the God to channel his power.

If your father’s protective aura had been damaged, his life would have been in danger, but Mykael is safe, you can rest assured.”

He then said to him feeling a little helpless: “Axel… I cannot help him, the runic symbols that you have engraved on his body are changing the flow of his chakra, it is flowing much faster now inside his meridians, and his meridian network itself is being fortified, probably to be able to strengthen his body with the Divine energy he will be able to draw thanks to you.

These changes are necessary, and if I ever gave him a Divine grade healing potion, it could reverse the changes he is undergoing, and I’m sure that’s not what he wants.”

Mykael then tried to speak after hearing Colin’s explanation but he began to spit blood again and Colin then said to him using the telepathic link Mykael had formed with all his men, ‘My beloved Angel, don’t try to speak, if you want to reassure your son speak to him directly with the communication stones… It will take a while before you can finish these modifications so grit your teeth, you still have 2/3 of your meridian network to fortify.’

Mykael then thanked him and he immediately reassured Axel with the communication stones as Colin had suggested.

Then he asked Colin through their telepathic link, ‘My love, can you take us with you, I am not able to train them anymore and Nolan needs Ashton’s remedy against the mental fatigue.’

Colin smiled at him and said as he opened a transdimensional portal for Axel and Nolan to join them in the dimension where Kevin and Ashton were still training, ‘Looks like it’s my turn to play babysitter today.’

Mykael wanted to laugh but he started coughing up blood again and Colin swore seeing that before telling him to be quiet and to stay still.

Then Colin told the boys: “Your men are on the other side of this portal so go ahead, but don’t disturb their training.”

He called Nolan before the latter went through the portal and he threw Ashton’s remedy at him and told him to take it and rest for a few minutes before resuming his training.

When Axel and Nolan had left, Colin wiped the blood on Mykael’s beautiful face and he leaned in to kiss him tenderly.

He then said to him as he stroked his hair: “I understand why you did this and why you want to get stronger, but seeing you in this state breaks my heart.”

Mykael then stroked his face and he apologized through their telepathic link.

Colin sighed and before he teleported them to join the boys he said to him: “Stay still until the changes your body is going through are over, I will take care of their training, I know what to do.”

Mykael knew very well that Colin was able to handle both Ashton and Kevin’s training, and Axel and Nolan’s, so he just closed his eyes and tried to relax by letting his imagination wander until this torture was over.

Immediately the image of Colin carrying their child came to his mind and then he imagined them both cuddling their child by the fireside in the house that they would have finished furnishing together in his personal dimension…

Colin, once he had teleported them to the dimension normally reserved for Mage training, wondered what could make Mykael smile like that when he had to suffer so much…

Before joining Axel and Nolan, he leaned one last time towards Mykael and he said to him before kissing him: “I’m going to take care of the boys, contact me if you ever feel a problem, I’ll come right away.”

Axel and Nolan both looked in the opposite direction and Colin said to them as he joined them: “Sorry guys, but their training is too important to be disturbed… Tell me where you are in your training and I will give you my advice.”

Axel and Nolan immediately became serious and they turned their attention back to Colin, and when Nolan motioned to Axel to start, Axel then said to him still with that double voice: “I would like you to let me create a Divine sword like my father’s, I need a powerful source of power to be able to unlock the power that resides in my golden tattoos, otherwise for the moment I’m stuck at God level 6/10, and I don’t want to always rely on my father’s sword.”

Colin then asked him curiously: “Does that mean you are able to forge a weapon now?”

Axel shook his head and said: “I can simply modify them using the runic symbols.”

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