She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment Ⅱ

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

The place fell into dead silence.

It was eerily silent.

Qiao Lian was totally stunned as she looked at Shen Liangchuan dazedly.

Did he feel like disclosing their relationship?

“Pfft,” laughter broke the deadlock. Yang Lingsi continued, “Teacher Shen, your joke isn’t funny at all! Look at the reporter, you’ve frightened her. Could you forgive her as a favor to me? She doesn’t look like she did it on purpose.”

With Yang Lingsi’s words, everyone suddenly understood the situation.

Best Actor Shen’s words were to ridicule her.

Yang Lingsi’s words had saved Qiao Lian from the awkward situation. Qiao Lian heaved a sigh of relief and felt her heart, which had previously stopped beating, recover to its original speed.

She forced an awkward smile. When she saw Shen Liangchuan’s unchanging expressionless face, she hurriedly moved backwards and tried to blend in the crowd and hide.

However, the delicate voice inside the car spoke once again, “Ah, look, her arm is scratched! Teacher Shen, there is a first aid kit in the production set. Why don’t we bring her inside to take care of her wound?”

Qiao Lian’s instinctive reaction was to look towards Shen Liangchuan.

His head was still turned as he looked out, his indifferent gaze wasn’t focused on anything. It seemed like nothing in the world had the ability to enter his eyes, which resonated arrogance.

As Yang Lingsi finished speaking, there was finally a slight change in his expression, and he seemed to have taken a glimpse at her arm.

Qiao Lian was shocked as she immediately rejected her, “It’s alright, it’s alright. It’s just a minor wound, it’s ok. Thank you, Ms. Yang and Mr. Shen.”

What a joke!

By saying that, Yang Lingsi was obviously trying to portray herself as a saint in front of the reporters. If she dared to accept her offer and followed them into the filming set, it would mean she had lost her mind.

When she turned to look at Shen Liangchuan, his vision had already turned away to look straight ahead, making it really obvious that he wanted nothing to do with her.

“Ok then, please do take care of your safety next time. And also, to all reporters, good job, all of you had a long day.”

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Yang Lingsi waved to the crowd, and as the car windows closed, the car drove away and reached the filming set in no time.

When the car disappeared into the filming set, the reporters once again burst into excited discussions.

“Is Best Actor Shen really dating Yang Lingsi?”

“They were together since last night? Does Mrs. Shen know about it?”

Qiao Lian turned a deaf ear to all the active discussions around her but as she lowered her head, she saw that her arm had a big patch of skin that had been scratched off. The wound was bleeding, and she frowned as she felt a burning pain.

Beside her, a senior reporter advised, “Young lady, even if you are desperate to get big news, you shouldn’t be so impulsive. It’s your lucky day, Best Actor Shen was only being sarcastic to you. It isn’t every day that he has such a good temper!”

Qiao Lian smiled at the person and replied politely. Thereafter, she turned her head and her face darkened, staring sharply at Su Meimei.

When Qiao Lian started walking, intending to confront Su Meimei, a young lady ran out from the filming set. As she saw Qiao Lian, she quickly grabbed her saying, “Ah, your wound is so serious! Come, follow me into the set to treat your wound.”

Before Qiao Lian could reject her, she lowered her voice to one that could only be heard by both of them and said, “These are Best Actor Shen’s instructions.”

Qiao Lian widened her eyes in surprise and stared at the young lady in disbelief.

She felt warmth bubble up in her heart, and it was as if her wound wasn’t that painful anymore.

He was showing concern towards her?

He was actually not as cold and lacking in affection as she had thought in the end.


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