Super Rich Fantasy: I Grow Stronger By Spending Money

Chapter 320 - 320 Preparing to Seek Someone

320 Preparing to Seek Someone

After A’tian learned that Ye Xuan used a precious pill to save him, he immediately frowned. Even though he didn’t know what it was and had never seen it before, he knew that the pill was priceless. It was the kind that money couldn’t buy.

Any good healing pill would cost tens of thousands of top-grade spirit stones, or even more.

The pill Ye Xuan gave him had effortlessly pulled him back from the gates of hell. Even now, his body was warm, as if there was a warm current flowing through it. The value of the pill was immeasurable, and he probably couldn’t afford it even if he sold himself into slavery.

After learning of A’tian’s thoughts, Ye Xuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He said, “I was wondering what you were thinking. So, this is what you’re worried about. It’s nothing. You were caught because you were working for me. I dragged you into this.”

For A’tian to warn Ye Xuan even though he himself was in such a dangerous situation, it was enough to show that he was kind hearted. Ye Xuan felt that it was worth saving such a person.

“Besides, you even risked your life to warn me. Using a pill on you is nothing.”

Being praised by Ye Xuan like this, A’tian was a little embarrassed. He replied in a tone of admiration, “Even if I didn’t warn Young Master Ye, with your ability, you would have easily dealt with those people.”

A’tian was unconscious at that time due to his serious injuries, so he didn’t see Ye Xuan’s fight. However, after he woke up, he saw that Zhao Huaifeng was quiet and well-behaved. Even a fool could understand what had happened.

Who was Zhao Huaifeng? He was an arrogant brat.

“Young Master Ye, you’re really powerful. Even Zhao Huaifeng isn’t your match.”

Although Zhao Huaifeng’s reputation in Jade City couldn’t be compared to Xiao Mingyan’s, his strength and cultivation were considered pretty good among the younger generation. He could be considered a promising cultivator.

“Regardless, Young Master Ye saved my life today. I will never forget your great kindness.”

A’tian was a grateful person with a good character. It could be seen from the incident with the old beggar. A’tian wanted to give him a proper burial even if he had to borrow money. After that, he worked hard to pay back the spirit stones he borrowed.

A’tian seemed to have thought of something and suddenly scratched his head.

“Young Master Ye, let’s hurry up and leave. Even though Zhao Huaifeng didn’t say anything before he left, he’s a very vengeful and narrow-minded person. He definitely won’t let you go.”

There was an incident that left a deepest impression on A’tian. A small clan in Jade City had offended Zhao Huaifeng.

It was Zhao Huaifeng’s fault, and he appeared to have apologized afterward. However, not long after, that small clan was annihilated. Everyone was discussing whether Zhao Huaifeng was involved in this matter.

Ye Xuan had no plans to leave for the time being. He announced, “I’m going to find someone first.”

To A’tian’s surprise, Ye Xuan brought him back to the old alley. He asked in confusion, “Young Master Ye, do you know anyone here? Who are you looking for?”

Ye Xuan didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at the empty wine jar on the ground. The smell of wine in the air hadn’t completely dissipated. He mumbled to himself, “Looks like he just left not long ago.”

Soon, they found the person Ye Xuan was looking for in a dilapidated temple nearby.

“Huh?” A’tian couldn’t help but exclaim, “Isn’t this the drunkard we met earlier?”

Ye Xuan walked into the ruined temple. The homeless man seemed to hear their footsteps and didn’t even look up. He slumped onto his side as if he was drunk.

He thought the two would leave soon, but Ye Xuan walked straight up to him.

“I’m looking for someone.”

Seeing that the drunkard didn’t respond, A’tian felt even stranger.

He said, “Young Master Ye, if you want to find someone, I can go and ask around. This vagrant is drunk and always drinks here. What can he know?”

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Ye Xuan shook his head and said, “”He is the only one who knows who I am looking for.”

The drunkard was snoring loudly. It was obvious that he was in a deep sleep. The conversation between the two had not awakened him. A’tian was even more puzzled. What could this drunkard know?

As if seeing through his confusion, Ye Xuan continued, “He is the person I am looking for. The eldest young master of the Xiao clan, Xiao Mingyan.”

There was a sudden clap of thunder, and even the homeless man’s snoring stopped for a moment.

A’tian couldn’t believe it, suspecting that Ye Xuan was joking with him. He said, “What? You’re telling me that he’s the Xiao clan’s eldest young master, Xiao Mingyan? How could that be possible?”

A’tian had once seen Xiao Mingyan from afar. The latter was handsome and in high spirits. No matter how A’tian looked at the drunkard, he could not associate him with the disheveled and unkempt homeless man in front of him.

No matter how hard he tried, A’tian could not match the two faces together. Even if Xiao Mingyan was in a difficult situation now, he should be in such a condition.

The drunkard stretched lazily, as if he had been woken up by them. However, he still didn’t look up and said in a low voice, “Young master, are you joking? The Xiao clan’s eldest young master, Xiao Mingyan, is not here. There are only vagrants and drunkards like me.”

Ye Xuan’s eyes flashed with a look of profound understanding. He could tell that Xiao Mingyan had not given up. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have reacted like that when he heard his name.

“Xiao Mingyan, I know it’s you. I’m here to help you.”

The drunkard did not speak. Silence lingered in the air. It was so quiet that one could even hear a needle drop. After a while, he said in a hoarse voice, “Young Master, you’ve got the wrong person. I’m not Xiao Mingyan, and I didn’t see Xiao Mingyan. I’m afraid he’s already dead.”

A’tian looked at Ye Xuan and then at the person on the ground. Although he admired and respected Ye Xuan, at this moment, he really felt that Ye Xuan had made a mistake.

No matter how bad Xiao Mingyan’s situation was now, how could he be reduced to such a state? This was a homeless man on the street. He was no different from a beggar.

A’tian said, “Young Master Ye, I think you have really mistaken him for someone else.”


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