The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 662 - 662 Social Death Operation

662 Social Death Operation

Xu Tui got off an unmanned taxi near a market. The moment he got out of the car, there was a slight abnormality in the surveillance cameras nearby. It was the same for the surveillance footage of the unmanned taxi. No matter where it was, the market had always been one of the most crowded and complicated areas. It was one of the favorite hiding places of certain people. It was easier to retreat with more cover and passageways.

Number Six, Xu Tui’s target, lived in a single apartment near the market. He casually walked past the building. In his mental perception, Target Number Six was browsing the news.

Xu Tui activated his mental perception to the maximum. He did not dare to use his accurate mental perception to prevent any experts nearby from sensing Xu Tui. Soon, Xu Tui found a hotel 200 meters away. He entered the room. Under the influence of Xu Tui’s spiritual resonance, the receptionist and security guards entered a semi-hypnotic state.

Xu Tui had come in? No! No one came in. The electronic surveillance cameras also failed at the same time. He entered the building and found an unoccupied room in a suitable location. He entered and closed the door. Xu Tui’s mental perception instantly reached the apartment where Target Number Six lived.


It was only 180 meters away from the target. Even though there were dozens of walls and various factors interfering between them, this distance would not affect the power of Xu Tui’s School of Radiation Influence ability compared to his 1,270-meter mental perception range.

Spiritual resonance, advanced hypnosis, and spiritual radiation of the School of Radiation Influence were activated together. Xu Tui immediately confirmed Number Six’s identity. The information that The Myth had given Xu Tui was not wrong. Number Six was indeed a member of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization. Furthermore, he was a Level E member. He was valuable, but not much.

However, it was precisely because his level was not high that the Dawn Salvation Traitor’s hypnosis protection training on him was not strong.

Xu Tui did not even need to use Spiritual Concealment to know all of his information. Including the liaison officer he had met a day ago. He was a senior Level E member of the Dawn Salvation Traitor. Judging from the general appearance of the address, this was the seventh target that Xu Tui was already paying attention to.

The information on Target Seven was also given to Xu Tui by The Myth.

Xu Tui activated Spiritual Concealment and pretended to be his superior. He gave two orders in Number Six’s subconscious. After the advanced hypnosis was removed, Number Six would slowly wake up in an hour. He will feel that he was tired from watching the show and had fallen asleep.

Xu Tui left the hotel using the same method to look for Targets Eight and Nine. Targets Eight and Nine were also contacts of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization in Lion City. This information was obtained from the information provided by The Myth.

It had to be said that The Myth’s information was very useful. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult for Xu Tui to find the members of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization lurking in the Sing-Malaysia Sector by himself.

There was no doubt about Number Eight and Number Nine. Their contact person was Number Seven. Number Seven was a senior liaison of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization. According to the information provided by The Myth, Number Seven’s level in the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization might be Level D or Level E+.

However, when Xu Tui used his spiritual radiation to observe Number Eight’s subconscious image, he realized that Number Seven had once brought Number Eight to meet another person. Number Seven’s attitude in front of this person was even lower.

This piqued Xu Tui’s interest. Number Seven’s superior? There was no such person in the information provided by The Myth. If he could confirm that that was Number Seven’s superior, then his status in the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization was definitely not low. He would definitely be a Level D member, probably even a Level C.

Level C was still not a core member of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization, but he was one of the persons-in-charge of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization.

In comparison, Number Seven had received more anti-hypnosis training. Under Xu Tui’s advanced hypnosis and the cooperation of the Spiritual Concealment, he guided and asked for some sensitive information.

However, Xu Tui used this as a guide to find his superior in his subconscious.

Xu Tui named it Number Five. But even under the Spiritual Concealment, Xu Tui could not ask Number Seven about Number Five’s specific identity. He could obtain some fragmented information about Number Five through Number Seven’s answers and subconscious.

Male. Middle-aged. His financial condition was not bad. Every time he met Number Seven, they would meet at some high-end places. His fishing skills were not bad. He had membership cards for many fish ponds. He had a stable job, no working during the weekends. He seemed to be a public official. They met several times in a reserved private room.

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Xu Tui told Ah Huang the fragmented data one by one. Some things that seemed difficult to find were very simple in front of big data.

Five minutes later, Ah Huang gave Xu Tui an answer. A director with a surname Zheng of the Inspection Division under the Sing-Malaysia Environmental Bureau.

Ah Huang immediately transferred Director Zheng’s information. Xu Tui was slightly shocked when he read the information. Was this a coincidence, or was God helping Xu Tui? Director Zheng actually had a close relationship with Li Jin. To be able to become the director and have a relationship with Li Jin, even if he was not Li Jin’s direct descendant, he was still Li Jin’s loyal supporter. He often entered and left Li Jin’s office. He had even visited Li Jin’s residence more than once.

If there were no problems with Director Zheng’s identity, it would not be strange for Li Jin to be able to contact the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization. In that case, it would be much easier for Li Jin to die socially.

That’s right. The first step of Xu Tui’s plan was to let Li Jin die socially. Otherwise, it would be almost as if Xu Tui was fighting against the power of the Sing-Malaysia Genetic Committee alone. That was no longer stupid. That was sending himself to his death!

The sky was gradually turning dark. Xu Tui gave an order to Number Seven through Spiritual Concealment. He also used his spiritual radiation to affect Number Seven’s subconscious before leaving.

Director Zheng’s identity was different. He lived in a high-end neighborhood with high-end property. There were electronic cameras everywhere, patrolling security around the clock, and electronic identification access. Non-local owners could not enter.

However, that was not a problem for Xu Tui. As if he was an airman, he passed through in front of the security guard. The electronic access door had already opened automatically. The electronic access to a district could not even be considered decorative in front of Ah Huang.

Xu Tui found Director Zheng in a villa. He had a beautiful wife and a cute daughter. They had just finished dinner when Xu Tui arrived.

Xu Tui waited for about half an hour. When they all entered a resting state, he shook his mind power slightly and everyone fell into a deep sleep. Only Director Zheng’s eyelids twitched violently before he was hypnotized.

Unfortunately, Xu Tui’s advanced hypnosis was advanced hypnosis that had been strengthened to Level 2 genetic ability chain. The mind power magnetic field and spiritual resonance that were combined with advanced hypnosis were also Level 2 genetic ability chains.

It was not something Director Zheng could resist.

Although Xu Tui had not tested it before, he had a certain level of confidence. He might have reached the level of Professor Song Zhenglin, who had taught him the abilities of the School of Radiation Influence. He might even surpass him.

The reason why the School of Radiation Influence was so insignificant was that abilities were more difficult to train.

Spiritual resonance was fine. Spiritual radiation was more difficult to train. Where can you find someone who doesn’t mind you invading his subconscious and constantly training in spiritual radiation? It was very difficult!

Cultivators of the School of Radiation Influence had the slowest progress when improving their relevant abilities.

However, Xu Tui was unbelievably fast. Under such circumstances, even if Director Zheng was well-trained, it would be extremely difficult for him to resist Xu Tui’s advanced hypnosis. However, he still could not ask him directly. There was something unique about the anti-hypnosis and anti-interrogation training that the Dawn Salvation traitors gave to mid- to high-level personnel.

Xu Tui had to use Spiritual Radiation to observe the situation. He also had to use Spiritual Concealment to slowly read Director Zheng’s subconscious. It also consumed a lot of mind power. However, he was not in a hurry. It was already night. He had plenty of time.

An hour later, Xu Tui’s eyes lit up.

Director Zheng had sent something to Li Jin. This item was not an ordinary item. It was delivered to Li Jin by the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization and given to him by Director Zheng. However, it was delivered secretly.

Xu Tui thought about it and strengthened his subconscious in Director Zheng’s memory. If he encountered a similar method next time, Director Zheng’s strengthened subconscious would be guided out first.

Xu Tui strengthened several of the same memories. But that was not enough. This was not enough to cause the social death of a powerful figure in the Sing-Malaysia Genetic Committee.

Director Zheng had received extremely professional training. It was extremely difficult to influence his subconscious, let alone modify his memories. However, it was impossible for Director Zheng’s wife, daughter, and nanny to have received professional training. They would not be able to resist Xu Tui’s extremely powerful School of Radiation Influence abilities.

To Xu Tui’s surprise, Director Zheng’s wife seemed to have also received anti-hypnosis training, but not to a great extent.

Xu Tui began to search through their subconscious memories of Li Jin and Director Zheng through Spiritual Resonance, Spiritual Radiation, and Spiritual Concealment. Then, through spiritual resonance, it would slowly influence and modify it. It would show whenever Director Zheng had a close relationship with Li Jin.

As long as one’s mind power was not bad, it would be difficult for Xu Tui to influence or modify his subconscious. Unfortunately, Director Zheng’s wife should have the ability of the Extreme Branch. Only a small number of people in the Mystery Branch could cultivate mind power.

Xu Tui busied himself for more than an hour. He even drank a bottle of Level B Active Energy Elixir during the process and recovered his mind power once before he completed the process. Then, Xu Tui brazenly but silently left this high-end neighborhood. He was like a real ghost. He came and went without a trace.

However, Xu Tui did not have a hotel. If that was all, it was far from enough. Xu Tui went to Target Three’s house. The third target was a major from the Sing-Malaysia Military Intelligence Division. The role of the Sing-Malaysia Military Intelligence Division was similar to the Special Intelligence Division of the Huaxia Sector.

Xu Tui missed. The target was not home. Xu Tui waited until midnight before the major returned home. There was already a daily email in the major’s email. However, the major’s gaze shifted slightly when he saw the email. He quickly translated it with the designated password book. This was information sent by one of his long-term informants.

Although there was usually no useful information, the major still translated the contents of the letter with a code book.

The results of the translation shocked the major. It records a highly suspected target of a member of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization. It also had specific location and identity information.

When did this informant become so powerful? However, if this news was true, then his efforts over the years to this long-term informant would be worth it!

Meritorious service! He would definitely be able to make a contribution and be promoted!

Xu Tui watched as the major of the Sing-Malaysia Military Intelligence Division began to contact the members of his team and entered a working state.

Xu Tui, who was monitoring the situation with his mental perception, left silently.

Li Jin’s social death plan was officially activated! However, Xu Tui still had an extremely important thing to do if he wanted Li Jin to truly die in society.

Otherwise, a major from the Military Intelligence Bureau would not be able to cause the social death of Li Jin, the deputy director of the Sing-Malaysia Genetic Committee, even if he made an important or even huge discovery.

However, there was one person who could!

Target Number Two!


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