You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 491

Chapter 491 (Drawing Blood(4))

Yi Hong had always wanted to prove that he was worthy of Zi Shan, showing his dignity as a man.

But Zi Shan didn't think so, as it was just a joke just now. She was in a rhythm so she couldn't stop from blurting it out.

In fact, what Zi Shan thinks is very simple, that is, a family of three can live together well and live a normal life. Zi Shan, who is thousands of years old, just wants a child now, especially when she sees other women going out with their beautifully dressed children. She was very envious, wishing that only they had one as well.

But Yi Hong doesn't give her a child, making her rather disoriented.

It is useless for Yi Hong to go out to find clues like this. In fact, Yi Hong mainly wants to go out to get some fresh air.

Lu Hong came to the Seven Bar.

"I'm here to find your lady boss." Lu Hong said with a sullen face to the tall and mighty foreigner in front of him.

His way to them was rather smooth as everyone knew that this man was the proprietress' favorite.

Lu Hong was standing at the bedroom door, thinking about how he should start the conversation.

'Why are you thinking so much? Are you afraid they will be sad? And why are you afraid that they will be sad? Could it be that you like them? If you like two vampires, it's not a question of being green or not, it's about being sucked to death!'


The door opened automatically, which surprised Lu Hong as he didn't even think about what to say.

He had no choice but to walk in. His gaze was on the big bed.

He saw two beauties lying on the pink bed, with their exposed legs. The elder sister, Serena, was very reserved, while the younger sister Celine bit her index finger, as her beautiful eyes kept sparkling~

Lu Hong took a deep breath. Basically, he has to withstand such temptations every day in order not to be sucked by them.

"That... I have a thing to ask you today." Lu Hong hesitated and said, sitting on the sofa next to him.

Serene said softly: "Don't say it's just a thing. My sister and I can help you with any number of things."

While talking, Serene floated over from the bed.

Yes, that's right, it's floating.

You will definitely think it's a ghost when you see her at night.

Celine was much better as she got out of bed and came over and asked, "You don't look very good today. What's wrong?"

"I will tell you, but don't be angry."

'Are you afraid that they will be angry? Is there something wrong with your brain?'

The two sisters laughed when they heard Lu Hong's words, as they both held his arm.

They were wearing low-cut pajamas, which showed their softness.

"Whatever you do, my sister and I won't be angry." Celine leaned on Lu Hong's shoulder and said softly.

"En." Serena also responded obediently.

Lu Hong is simply a winner in life. He was the only one in the whole team who had a pair of beautiful sisters, and moreover, they were twins!

This shows one thing; life needs to be green to be perfect. There will be pleasant surprises after a harsh start, so don't panic after being greened. The twins are waiting for you on the road next spring.

"How do I get your pure blood?" Lu Hong asked in a low voice, looking like a little virgin.

Well, in fact, the elder brother Lu is really an old virgin. His girlfriend made him green without even touching him, and he was only bragging in front of his younger brother. He just wanted to save face in front of his younger brother.

The two sisters blushed when they heard this, and started cuddling with Lu Hong.

Serena blushed and said delicately, "You can take whatever you want."

"Wrong, wrong, that's not what I meant. I mean, how did I get it?"

"Lu Hong, what do you want the pure blood for?" Serena asked curiously.

Lu Hong said in a deep voice, "For the Blood Pool Forbidden Technique!"

When the two sisters heard such a thing, their shy faces suddenly changed color, and they stared looking at Lu Hong warily.

He didn't know why, but when Lu Hong saw their eyes, his heart ached.

"You approached us because of the Blood Pond Forbidden Technique!" Celine shouted, wondering how Lu Hong knew.

"Listen to my explanation."

The two sisters shouted at the same time: "I don't want to listen, I don't want to listen."

"It's not what you think."

'Why are you so annoying, and are even putting your hands together?'

"Listen to me! If I want to, I can easily get it. What I mean to ask is, is there any other way to get the pure blood?" Lu Hong shouted in a deep voice.

"No! Even if you are our benefactor, we will not let you release the demon!" The two sisters were very firm in their choice.

Lu Hong really couldn't help it, and shouted: "This is what my boss asked, do you know why? Because he wants to help you eliminate the demon!"

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The blood sisters were surprised when they heard this.

"Think about it, being sealed means that there is still a chance for him to come out. If my boss's boss kills him, won't this threat be eliminated?"

The two sisters nodded after hearing this.

"Look at your looks of not believing in me. It makes me sad." Lu Hong was very angry, and snorted coldly, unable to relieve his anger.

The two sisters knew that they had misunderstood. Serena stood behind to massage, while Celine grabbed Lu Hong's arm and acted like a baby.

Lu Hong felt that he was almost coaxed, so he calmed down and said, "Tell me, how do I get it?"

"If it's for use, just use a needle." Celine started preparing a needle.

Lu Hong held the needle in his hand, feeling sad. He was reluctant to use this needle for her first time.

'To poke the older sister or the younger one?'

"Take mine." Celine said boldly.

In order to complete Ye Hua's task, Lu Hong gritted his teeth. He just wanted to get this over with!

Lu Hong picked up the needle, and his gaze became firm, as if he was going to do something big.

He slowly lifted Celine's nightdress with his left hand and swallowed some saliva. He gradually drew the needle closer.

The two sisters were stunned when they saw Lu Hong's actions.

Celine exclaimed in surprise, and immediately covered her little nightdress: "What are you doing?"

Lu Hong was a little panicked: "That... drawing blood."

Selene said angrily: "If you want to draw blood, then just draw blood. What are you doing by lifting my sister's nightdress? Where exactly do you want to draw blood?"

"I… don't I draw from there?" Lu Hong's face turned red, it was so embarrassing.

Celine said angrily: "Just draw blood, idiot!"

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I thought it was..." Lu Hong hurriedly apologized, the misunderstanding was too big.

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