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WARNING: This novel is a hidden gem! Don’t be fooled by the cliché sypnosis! Read 10 chapters... Read more WARNING: This novel is a hidden gem! Don’t be fooled by the cliché sypnosis! Read 10 chapters before deciding!Divine techniques? Heaven’s gifts? Divine Weapon? Special Abilities? Unique Skills? Heavenly Talents?No, I don’t need them because I can create Heavenly Laws!In the boundless expanse of the starry seas, Lin Yuan wielded the extraordinary ‘Gate to the Myriad Realms,’ unlocking the secrets of an expansive universe. Here, where mightiest beings effortlessly shattered galaxies, Lin Yuan, a bottom-tier individual, harnessed the gateway and his innate talent, the ‘Unparalleled Insight,’ to transcend the ordinary.Embarking on countless odysseys, Lin Yuan’s relentless quest for strength knew no bounds. Through the cosmic tapestry of diverse worlds, he quietly forged his path, ascending from the depths of mediocrity to an unparalleled force. With each journey, he honed his skills until, at last, he stood as an invincible presence, dominating across all realms. The saga of Lin Yuan is a mesmerizing tale of cosmic ascent and relentless growth. Collapse Alternate World, Ancient Times, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Cosmic Wars, Cultivation, Dao Comprehension, Daoism, Fantasy World, Fast Cultivation, Genius Protagonist, God Protagonist, Goddesses, Godly Powers, Gods, Heavenly Tribulation, Immortals, Imperial Harem, Interdimensional Travel, Male Protagonist, Outer Space, Overpowered Protagonist, Parallel Worlds, Reincarnated in Another World, Reincarnation, System Administrator, Transmigration, Transported to Another World, Unique Cultivation Technique, Wars, World Travel, Crossover, Isekai The guardian of this novel Genericname , do you know where we can read raw of this novel O mighty protector of this novel, you taught me the secrets of the dao, I offer you my humble praise "... Unique Skills? Heavenly Talents? No, I don’t need them""..his innate talent, the ‘Unparalleled Insight,’Right.. The pace of this novel is blistering. Literally 0 time to stop n smell the roses before chasing the next advancement, with purely peanut gallery scenes strewn in between then. The only saving grace of the novel is the myriad world arcs, which are his main cheat, so there's alot of em.3/5. Genericname against the world in this review section In the realm of reviews, Genericname battles the world alone, a cultivator challenging destiny's critique the novel is very good! I read up to chapter 215 and I'm hoping to release more chapters.. advantages: Op mc + no love interest + fast progression, etc. The world is similar to Swallowed star so if you liked Swallowed star you will love this novel! How is swallowed star? Does it contain xenophobia, racism or nationalism? It has some Elementes in the beginning (first few hundred ch) that might be considered that. (Mc helps china alot more than other country but makes sense since he came from there even tho it might be annoying, otherwise an ok-good read) okey thanks i give it a try I suggest that you do the opposite of what the guy below says, before reading and Potentialy wasting your time in a story that might not be suited for you. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I suggest going into the novel without reading any reviews, just go read the novel and ignore those blind haters This is comparable with lotm and Reverend Insanity, don't be blinded by these haters this is definitely S-tier The novel is Mac Donald lvl fast food it is pretty good but still only at the fast food lvlThe only thing that I really liked was the AI way of doing things felt like it was sugar mommy protecting the mc your taste is trash its was fun and easy to read, The depth of the story of each world visited by mc is not that deep, there are too many time skips and the author does not let the story develop, maybe the author wants to exchange quality for quantity worlds as seen from mc who has visited 2 worlds in 30chp, this is different from some other novels with the same theme where the first world is sometimes told in hundreds of chapters. No way your opinion is just trash, this novel has very good rating on multiple websites if you don't like it, it's your problem S-tier ,mc is op and there is AI in the novel Ignore those with trash taste, this novel is definitely S tierIt gets better later on, there is face-slapping but not much, and the novel is somewhat logical unlike other novels.they have eyes but can't see mount.tai No its S tier among trash fast food type novel if you consider normal novels it atmost average, which is quite bad considering the average. You obviously can't understand the novel, it's your own problem Dude i even read it on the chinese site up to ch 212 i know exactly what it is(idk if you just want to troll or sth like that, but if not i can only recommend reading more cultivation novels so that you can compare it to them, it has its niche and that cool and all but quality wise its bad otherwise)(if you are serious tell me 2 things it does better than other novels by far) 1 the novel is more logical and contains extremely advanced technology with cultivation2 mc is op and the strength-progress does not feel forced, but it is still fast so it doesn't get boring3 I didn't say it is better than all other novel but that it is an S-tier novel.4 although it is in modern world but mc is not xenophobic, racist or nationalist which is rare in modern-cultivation setting. Neither of those points make something S-tier atmost B-A the logic is fine, which should be a Standart not the exeption so i never realy see it as a positive (if it isnt there its a negativ) strength progression as seen here is the typical fast food type its not very indeepth, also op mc isnt a positive for me since quite a while ago, to me the most importend thing is if i have fun, also sure there are some cultivation novel with heavy nationalist themes but most(good ones otherwise anyway) dont have alot, most of the time they have none. I dont say its realy bad, but definitivly only something for certain types of readers(mostly newer and those who like fast food types) as a whole its cleary not meant to be a Quality piece/masterpiece, which doesnt mean you cant have fun with it, but putting something, which only targets a very small range and is otherwise average atmost isnt S tier in general. (After having read between atleast 7-8k hours these types of novels i just dont easaly consider something S tier or 9+/10) (F is 0-1 E is 1-2 D is 2-4 C is 4-6 B is 6-8 A is 8-9 S is 9+ SSS is 9,5+)(to me its C maybe C- as novel in general among its type its S-S+)(10 is obviously Invisbile Dragon) okey I see your point, but my taste is different compared to you I have read the latest chapters, and it is very good, if you like op mc read this