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A character with extreme difficulty and the worst performance. Baek Yu-Seol was the worst... Read more A character with extreme difficulty and the worst performance.Baek Yu-Seol was the worst character in “Aether World” history because he couldn’t use magic in a world where everyone did.However…[Due to the wrong ending, 90% of Aether World has been destroyed] [Please reach the ‘True Ending’] “Why did I possess this character?”[You can use the skill ‘Blink’] Blink was the only magic skill I was given.Surviving in Stella Academy where many genius wizards run rampant, I became the Flash Wizard. Collapse Academy, Alchemy, Aristocracy, Artifacts, Battle Academy, Beautiful Female Lead, Cautious Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Demons, Dragons, Dwarfs, Elemental Magic, Elves, Evil Organizations, Fantasy World, Firearms, Genius Protagonist, Gods, Kingdoms, Kuudere, Late Romance, Level System, Magic, Magic Beasts, Magical Technology, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, Multiple POV, Multiple Transported Individuals, Necromancer, Nudity, Ruthless Protagonist, Skill Creation, Slow Growth at Start, Slow Romance, Spirits, Stoic Characters, Sword And Magic, Time Loop, Transmigration, Transported into a Game World, Tsundere, Wizards Anyone know where I can find the raws for this novel? I found some on , but they're images that I can't translate using Google Translate. #panic# Can you get the mtl of this novel? You can find it on noblemtl but there's only mass updates every 6 months or so, such a pain since this novel ain't bad #panic# missing chapter 62 #panic# also missing chapter 64 Thanks! This novel is good, all the characters are mentally unstable (except the MC), and when you feel that a dark and gloomy atmosphere descends on the novel, the MC interface and brightens the atmosphere... I liked his interaction with the characters and his train of thought. If nothing is out of place happened then I expect a good time reading the rest of the novel. when I saw the title I though what sort of a perv this mc is to have such skills... Оно живое #panic# update please #panic# please update the novel, there's a new translator and they've already past the current chapters here Spoiler link to their site 'Flashing' genius... hehe... #Panic do update this novel with the latest and better translation