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As the system initializes, the world shifts. Geography is rearranged and mixed, and levels and... Read more As the system initializes, the world shifts. Geography is rearranged and mixed, and levels and stats are instituted across the globe.On that night, one young man was walking through an underground tunnel, his mind on the small problems of his easy life. Because of his location during the shift, he starts in a dungeon far above his level, with no knowledge or teacher, or Newbie Village to guide him.Without a class, he struggles simply to survive in this world changed by its new connection to the Nexus.But struggle he will, for he is Randidly Ghosthound, and this is only how his legend begins……Author’s Note:This started as a way to destress and play with overly complicated stats systems and level systems, and I just kept writing. I don’t really take it very seriously, but feel free to read and enjoy. Collapse Demons, R-18, Male Protagonist, Post-apocalyptic, Androids, Artificial Intelligence, Survival, Cruel Characters, Level System, Magic, Weak to Strong, Dungeons, RealRPG, Overpowered Protagonist, Army Building, Modern Day, Spear Wielder, Assassins, Monsters, Skill Creation, Strong Love Interests, Hard-Working Protagonist, Cheats, Beautiful Female Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Talent, World Hopping, World Travel, Time Loop, Time Skip, Cultivation, Sects, Alchemy, Artifacts, Artifact Crafting, Game Elements, Blacksmith, Multiple POV, Master-Disciple Relationship, Multiple Realms, Dark, Anti-social Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Manipulative Characters Seriously? Randidly gosthound? Am I crazy why is no one talking about he crazy ass name like everyone else is like I normal fantasy name but nnnnoooooo not the mc. RANDIDLY GOSTHOUND? If I wanted to describe this novel is 3 words they are: welcome to America Like the author is either a emigrant who spent a lot of time in America or he is a local American lived his whole life there cus this how it feels to read this. Maybe the problem is that the characters are tooo complex, like wtf is even with the Helen character like first off Helen?, bro your naming sense is all over the place. She is from an alien word. Shal was creative you should do that with others too. Secondly, you need to decide if she is a tomboy who can't understand her feelings or a strong self aware woman with a bad mouth cus she can't be both my guy. And thirdly, I don't negotiate with terrorist !? Dude wtf is this. The system is not distrupting the system IT replaced the system if understand plus what is this no one speakes or thinks like this. Did you grow up watching old Hollywood movies? Ps. Spoileri know its his moms fault for naming him like that but why does every "Hollywood" gotta have daddy ao mommy issues. What are you ppl doing up there? No normals families felt? What’s the point of making him the MC if he’s just going to be a filler character, also what’s with the random side character story’s? It doesn’t contribute to the main story ? Basura de mierda demasiados puntos de vista en cada capítulo de mierda basura basura😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 what are the cultivation realms here? Fu#k this author knows how to portray his emotions perfectly like shit this thing is filled with everything 1 can enjoy it if ur a keen reader This novel is chaotic in a kinda good way though n the MC is creative kinda like Noah Osmonth in IMITA IMITA? Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse that's nice?I read about 2 chapters and found it a little boring, could you tell me if it improves? Hey IMITA is the top shit if u can endure jst 50 first chaps the hype from there never stop the MC just keepson advancn like a comet It felt repetitive to me tbh like every something chapters it repeats the same basic formula could just be me idk Well yeah. But there is a different thing the world building is great the power ups r unique even cultivation realms n when u get to the 1000s it's only getting better n more unpredictable I think the author is improving along the way The ideal IQ to enjoy it is 70-80 Too much side stories MC seems like a late bloomer still in the 200's yet the niggar is getn all beaten up I need the readers ' help . I lost my old account , help me find a moment in this ranobe . Spoilerwhere Randidly meets the father what is this chapter ? RIP A Very Serious Review.Qualifications: I have read this book to chapter 1000. In other words adequate.Pros : Great book. Nicely written. Skilled author. Great story. Huge potential.Cons : A disappointment. Too much POV changes. Too much back story. Too much drama. Too emotional.Rants/Personal Opinion: I went into the book with big expectations. It was a system novel. There are stats and levels. A cool name. Almost 2000 chapters which will keep me occupied for a while. I was willing to forgo the romance tag and try to shoulder through.But right from the beginning he was already pinning and whining for Ace and Sidney. Whining is not a quality I like in an MC. I don't like my MC living his life for others.I like my Lit RPG logical and focused on the Stats and the rare skills and the unique classes and the monster fights. If you like these too then you will be solely disappointed.Don't get me wrong. There is action and boss fights and cool advasary. But the stupidity of the willingness of the MC to be easily burdened by responsibility is not to my taste. In a sense he is a hero, a hero that goes around saving people and making things right. It is exactly what I don't want to read in a MC. I want a rule breaker, a selfish person but that's just me. If you like hero's then you won't be disappointed. SpoilerHe once helped someone become rich and powerful. That person became jealous of him and went against him. That person killed a dear friend of the MC, a character that I was really attached to. That act of betrayal went on to cause the death of many people. When the MC finally met up with this betrayer, do you know what he did? He let him go without taking revenge. The MC ignored him, his reason is that he won't forgive the betrayer and the guilt of the betrayal will eat at him all his life. He maintained that it was good enough revenge. Is this a children's book? That's the type of hero you will get if you read this book. Stupid and Naive. He is like Jesus Christ. He will forgive you absolutely for anything, murder included, as long as you show a little bit of repentance. There are sometimes he will willing fall into your manipulations because he will be a bad guy if he doesn't. Funny enough, there was this time he willing accepted manipulation to become the bad guy. He accepted the blame for something he didn't do because if he doesn't, the true culprit will be the bad guy and he doesn't want that person to be the guy. The worst part is that the culprit is the one manipulating him. The MC knew this and he still took the blame. Why did he do it? So that the people associated with the culprit will not be given a bad name for the culprits action. The culprit knew that the MC will take the blame for his actions, he felt no remorse whatsoever and he got away with it. The MC told himself that he wasn't evil so he won't kill this person responsible for the crime and the blatant act of manipulation. The MC let the culprit go and helped him further his agenda. You're already pretending to be evil why not do something actually evil? If you broke into the MC's home, steal his stuff, kill his pet and burn his house down. Just tell him that it was accidental and you only did it because you were curious about his house and your curiosity got out of hand. He will forgive you simply because he can't possibly punish you since it was accidental and you have shown some remorse. In fact, he will give you money to hire a cab to leave his burnt down property. He wouldn't want the fire to hurt you. This analogy is not far fetched but is derived from something that happened in the book.The kind of hero that is always sticking his nose in other people's business to create unnecessary trouble. The worst part is that he won't be appreciated for it. He will be feared and then they will try to use politics, rules and public opinion to bind him. SpoilerDo you know that he had to buy land and pay tariffs for his business. Some people wanted to steal his business and so they started using laws and inspections to threaten the strongest Man on Earth. He allowed to happen. Then he came up with an idea to build a floating city so that government rules won't work on him. But first he has to buy mineral rights of the land from the government. His reason is that he doesn't want them to have any leverage over him. He wanted a clean break.This is going on in an apocalypse. Where the power of a single man is enough to match that of everyone combined. But the MC is a good guy, so he adheres to rule of laws created by the sleazy politicians. The book is a thorough let down.One other thing I hated was the way the MC was being toyed around by almost everyone around him. I read lit RPG for the control. I want to relate with that feeling of having control.Then there is the POV changes. One moment you are at a turning point waiting for the result. The next you are reading about some side character and their troubles, then another side character in another place. The worst part is that the next couple of chapters will also involve their back story. I was miserable the entire time I read the book. More side characters keep cropping up and they too will have their screen time complete with their backstory and drama. More than 50% of the 1000 chapters I read can be considered fillers. Imagine that.The complicated drama. The MC keeps saying I don't want to do talk to people, I don't want to bother with drama etc but people will bring drama and the guy will cave like a pu**y. There is such an option as no, I'm not doing this. But the author will invent debts and all manner of things to force the MC to do stuff. He always trust to help people, but the author has made so that the MC isn't perfect, he can't do everything on his own. That means the MC needs the help of other people to do good things. But those people have more common sense than the MC, they aren't as selfless. So the MC will promise them a favour. Now, when it gets to the time to repay the favour, he can't or something else comes up. So he needs more help and creates more debts which forms a cycle. The MC is the selfless ever giver. Spoiler They created a social club called a chivalry order to keep the MC in check. Okay. Everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want. So they don't like the MC, what does that matter? But then they create a chivalry order and made him the founder without his consent. Then they ask him to take up the position. The MC couldn't say no. He made a number of flimsy reasons why he can't say no. How come everyone gets to do whatever they want and the MC can't. This is the reason he gave. They were using him, to add legitimacy to the Orders. But they were also allowing him to use them to do what he pleased with an official mandate. It was a pointless game.But, Randidly supposed, part of becoming an adult was realizing that it is selfish to insist other play solely your games, or refuse to play at all. That was just a part of life. You accepted some games that others thrust upon you.And this occurred after he gave up a chance to triple his stat for the world instead. Anyone can cheat him, take advantage of him and get away with it.The entire book is full of contrived drama to elongate and derail the main story. So much filler drama and suspense like a soap opera. So much of his problems can be solved if he has more time to train. He can do that in dungeon where the rate of time flow is very fast. SpoilerOne week in the dungeon is a year outside. Others can't spend much time in dungeons but the MC can, but he won't. At first it was because he had no class so he can't enter dungeons. Then he got a class and made up a flimsy reason as to how spending time in dungeons will warp his perspective. If he spends time in dungeons, he might lose his humanity which is not a fair trade for power. Stupid and contrived reasons for drama. If he spends the time he uses to train in the dungeon he will be stronger than he currently his considering that his major advantage came from accidentally spawning in a dungeon.It is sickening to watch someone with so much power be bond by so much nonsense. He is so emotional. SpoilerHe once cried when one of his plant skill upgraded and became more powerful but it lost its ability to grow plants. The skill is a plant manipulation skill. The ability became so strong that they destroyed even the plants he used them on. The plants he touched with his mana will turn to ashes. He cried when he realised he couldn't farm anymore. He threw a tantrum by ploughing fields with plants and then fertilising them with the ashes of the plant. Then there was a war and he briefed for those that died by digging a grave by hand for them. Mind you, he can use his plant manipulation to dig the grave but he chose to use good old fashioned hand and spade, a very inefficient way to dig graves when there's magic in the world. Even if there's no magic, there are grunts that should be digging graves not the MC. The funny thing is that the bodies won't be buried. The bodies will be burned to ashes so that the enemies won't be able to raise the dead and replenish their army. It's funny right? I don't want to call it stupid. He knew the graves won't be used but he went ahead anyway to make them by hand. His excuse is that someone has to be build their graves to honour them. He is wrong, no one has to. If someone has to, it shouldn't be the MC. If it is the MC, he should do it quickly and efficiently. He built useless graves by hand. Spoiler He turned his soul skill into a world. He practically became a god. But what does he do? He lets them do whatever they want even if they threaten to destroy the world and his soul skill. Why? Because he wanted them to have free will. At one point he asked for forgiveness from an inhabitant of the world. By asking for forgiveness, they become equal to him. He stops being a god to them. What they f#ck will you do that? His reason is that there was two options and he chose the hard path because he needs to make the sacrifice. He doesn't need to make any sacrifice, he is the god of the world. They are supposed to answer to his whim. Everyone including the humans and the people he created in his soul world get to jerk him around and make demands of him. The creatures of his soul world even make fun of him sometimes. That's how low the MC fell such that the works of his hand make fun of him and he will let it slide. He doesn't say no or be selfish for once. In the end, he liberated the world and relinquished his role as godling. It might make him stronger for it but the way he went about it was like he was compelled. It should be his decision. The MC is a beta male through and through. Everyone in the book is selfish, always asking the MC for this or that. Even if they don't ask, he will help them because he can't bear to see suffering. He is the only selfless person trying to save Earth in the whole book. He can't say no when it matters. When he needs to do something, he will consider how it affects others and only do something that will benefit others even if it will be detrimental to him. That's why he is very easy to manipulate. Do you know those MC that will do anything to save the people they care about. This MC will accept a bad deal, meant to rip him off, as long as you offer him information about the people he cares about. Just information and he will cave like tin foil. Because to him, the thing he his giving up cannot compare to the smallest chance of saving people. The best part is that the information they're giving him is false. They will lie to him and manipulate him with the subpar thing he got from the deal. Spoiler He should at least suspect the information he was given considering that the person who gave it to him as lied, betrayed and manipulated him before. But no, he believes in the inherent good of mankind like some child.For several seconds, Randidly studied Lyra as she licked her lips. For all that she had chosen to side with the Creature and endanger humanity, Randidly decided that it would be pointless to assume Lyra was lying about this. Perhaps she could somehow turn this around to manipulate him, but it felt extremely ungainly to Randidly’s mind.That's what the author wrote. I copied and pasted it directly from the book. What a stupid guy. Like some stupid ignorant man child. He is one of those stupid creatures that evolution should weed out so that his deformed genes won't be inherited. Later on this happened.Randidly spared Lyra one last glance. This is why people find it difficult to trust you, you know. Did that moment really happen? Or was it just a ploy to win my sympathy?What is your plan, Lyra? What do you intend to do with this power I’m giving you? Because if you intend to threaten the growth of the Earth… no matter that you were once human, no matter what we felt toward each other, I will end you.What if they are after you? What if their target isn't earth but you? Why don't you even think about your well being for a second? You have this unique thing inside you that you are just giving to everyone that asks. That's why she tricked you into giving her the power so that she can always track your location and kill you if necessary. Let it be known that I was rooting against the MC the entire time i am reading the book.There are some times that he turns the table on them but it isn't worth it at the end of the day. He just looks like an angry fool that feels betrayed.Then there is the logic. The MC is not the brightest guy. He wasn't special before the system came so I don't expect much. There's a way they use to manipulate him, if they tell him to do something, he will do the opposite. It works everytime. He hates manipulation but gets manipulated with his hatred of it. I can't blame him for that even though I hate seeing the MC being juggled like a ball. But there's this event that totally ruined the book for me. SpoilerThere was a raid dungeon they had to clear. It belonged to their entire zone. Instead of putting together the best team of 10 members only they could find, they decided to add other people from different forces because of politics. Their reason? It will not speak well of them if they hog the entire glory to themselves. What kind of nonsense is that? You want to raid a dungeon but you "have" to weaken your chances because of politics? That's just stupid. The raid dungeon has to be cleared in a month or everyone in the zone dies. But it seems that's not as important as politics. I understand that the MC can probably solo the other 9 but the fact that the strongest Man on Earth has to consider politics just rubs me the wrong way.The man will never take the most efficient way to acquire strength.Spoiler There was a time he cleared a dungeon. The reward was either the tripling of a single star of his, the addition of 75 stats to all members of his party or the addition of 5 stats to all the members of the human race. He has an agility of 400 points and he is the fastest Man alive, lol. The tripling of which will make him have 1200 agility. But he chose the third option. He said it was a lot more points. How stupid is that? 5 stats to each human being changes almost nothing in the grand scheme of things. If he had tripled one of his stats, he won't even need a party to clear the dungeon anymore. He can't kill the boss on his own because he doesn't have enough mana, and yet he passes off the chance to rectify it. There's so much he can do with triple stats. I'm so angry. The MC has something special about him. A unique thing if you will, a golden finger or a cheat. But he shares it around and gives other people the same advantage he gets from it. Picture infinite mana in the apocalypse, but the MC is also sharing his infinite mana to others. Imagine Warlock of the Magus world using his system to help people. The MC stops being unique or special. But it's all okay, because sharing is good(Sarcasm). It turns out that sharing isn't always good. SpoilerHe once shared his unlimited aether connection with a woman he thought was a friend but turns out she was about to doom a world. He could cut of her supply and stop the act in its cradle but he didn't. Why? Because she is one of the few people that understands him. If he cuts of the supply, she might die in her endeavour to doom a world to death and he doesn't want her to die. Instead he chose to rush to her, speak to her and try to stop her. He can skip all these nonsense by simply cutting the supply. He is a pusxy and will never take the logical, most efficient way out. And you know what? He will succeed too. The worst part is that he doesn't actually get anything tangible in return. There was this time when someone stole the MC's hard earned loot. This person didn't do anything towards the effort needed to clear a raid dungeon. And when the loot spawned, he took it and used it. Let's forget the drama that the author forced when he made the MC leave the loot lying around. If it were so important, he should have held it in his hands or close to him. Instead, he left lying literally on the ground and went away to talk with some people. Let's ignore that. Let's focus on the fact that the loot is not expendable but can be retrieved if he simply kills the thief who used it. But the MC was like, 'come on, I'm not a bad guy. Kill him for the loot? Nah. It might be mine and I worked hard for it, I might be angry that he stole it from me but so what? The fact that I can easily crush the thief shouldn't mean I should. That's how villain's are born, when people are drunk on power. I'm not like that. Instead I'll simmer quietly and control myself so that I don't do something I'll regret. It is the system that created the need for him to steal from me, so the system is the bad guy here. I'm such a good guy. Some day I'll save Earth from the system, like a true hero.'The book is almost sickening for me to read but I can't drop it. I want to know the ending even though I suspect it's going to be bad. I want to prove myself wrong or have my disdain for the book justified.He is manipulated, feared and yet they need him. Whenever they ask something of him, he would always say, "I see no reason not to", or "I fell like I have no other choice."How come all these weak people that you can crush easily have more power than you? You are like their glorified hound dog. That's probably where his name came from. A loyal dog that remains loyal even though it is maltreated and abused. It is not a good feeling to watch this abuse going on as a reader. I have more to say but I'll end here. I might be incredibly biased against the book but I must admit that it is well written and the strory is very interesting. If you can overlook the faults I have stated, then you will enjoy the book. At the least, it will distract you enough to stock chapters for your favourite books. Final Rating: 3.5/5 if I were to be generous, then 7.5/10.Enjoy your reading. Very well-written review and I have the same taste when it comes to MC's in system novels, please let me know if you find any LIT RPG novels with MC's like that. Good Thing You Went Up To Chapter 600 And Beyond...I Dropped This Novel Because Of Three Things.... Multiple Side Characters Pov,,Mc Being To Nosy And Emotional The guy whines a lot. Nothing is ever simple or straight with him. He will always hem and haw, make up hypothesis and theories for every action and reaction. It is tiring and wears thin in the psych. Sometimes it feels like you're reading for school because the mental effort needed to follow the discussion overwhelms the pleasure of reading.If he kills a monster he will pity them and make some reason that justifies killing them. If they are sentient then you are in for a philosophical treaties about moral and existential dilemmas. SpoilerThere was a time he brought some snails into a pond in his make shift house. Being around him made them level up and gain intelligence. The snails created a tribe and a social structure. Then they started complaining that he was making a racket. They said that the noise from his forging attempts is affecting the hatching of their eggs. And you know what? He listened to the wishes, like a proper gentleman and stopped forging so that their eggs can hatch in peace. I think he left that place for the snails at the end of the day. I marvelled and retched at the same time.The effect of his presence didn't end there. The monsters in the dungeon he was staying also gained intelligence due to their prolonged exposure to him. Then they formed an alliance to fight against him. They claimed he was stealing the resources of their world through his mining efforts. He went over to them and asked them to surrender many times. They didn't listen to him, instead the monster queen asked him to surrender. In the end, the minions under him wiped out the monsters. He was so sad that he buried the head of the queen of the monsters with respect and solemnity. I think he cried. He started another agonising speech about weakness and strength and why he had them killed. It almost made me vomit. Imagine chapters and chapters of this stuff.He has taken it upon himself to save the earth. But we don't know why? Why is that his aim at all? He is simply a good guy that hates the system. He immediately set out to save people as soon as the system started. Honestly, I hate him. But I love the system and the RPG elements. When I read it, it feels like I am sifting through faeces for gold. The book isn't bad to read, but it is the most painful thing to read. The MC is not an alpha or beta male. He is Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world. He was crucified for his good deeds.He is worse than Anthony the MC of Chrysalis. We know why Anthony cares for the ants. He liked them when he was a human and their bond is a substitute for what he never had as a human.Randidly on the other hand just hates the system. That's why he is willing to save humans and take the crap they give him for his efforts. His he the son of God? I so want to find out. That's why I keep reading this crappy but well done book. The System And RPG Elements Are The Best...But Mc Is Meeeeh....But I Was Surprised It Over 1000+ Chapters Now...Maybe I Should Continue Where I Left Peak review broPeak👌 Sir you are great to write that much too just write a review another thing is that will you recommend me some novels Check out the ones I'm reading currently that I can recommend.Floating immortal OrderDivine HunterVirtuous SonsAbyssal lord of the Magi worldDemon Monarch SystemParanoid Mage. so its a shonen novel thnx for letting me know For any one that cares, I dropped the book about chapter 1200 or something. This is why I dropped it. SpoilerHe was building a floating island. Cool right. Then he began designing a security system. The system can scan the intents of visitors to determine good people and bad people, to seperate those with good intentions or otherwise. The system turned out so well that if there isn't anything to scan externally, it will turn its scan inwards. That means if there is no visitor to scan, it will scan the inhabitants. If the system has idle processing power it will start to "spy" on the inhabitants and their activities.The MC decided to draw a line there and call it a breach of privacy. He said he would rather limit the ability of the security system than breach people's privacy. So he made the system worse on purpose so that it will never have idle processing power. That means it will not be able to fully scan for external threats The MC went the extra mile to be stupid. Some authors have a problem with creating an intelligent MC but this author went out of his way to create a stupid MC. The author could have left out the conundrum over security and privacy, but no. Privacy is just as important in a post apocalyptic world where a single man can destroy a nation.( Sarcasm ) On your own property no less. You would rather expose your property to danger than know what people are doing on it. Then why bother with the security system in the first place?The MC could have chosen to believe in the inherent good of mankind and forgo a security system entirely. I'll insult him but continue reading. But to decide to sabotage your own security system? That's where I draw the line.You might be wondering. Why can't he make the security scanner not invade people's privacy at all? It is a fantasy world and anything is possible. I was wondering the same thing too.The author created the dilemma on purpose to prove a point. That the MC will always be good even to the detriment of himself. An applause for Jesus Christ people. Then do you have any novels you can recommend me? Iv been looking for something similar to you that has lots of chapters but I keep pulling the short end of the stick I replied to you but it seems your mail is full. It shouldn't be full its the first time I'm sending and receiving messages Thanks 👍 dropped 🙊So nonkill protagonist Damn trash mc 💩The author is Japanese? i laughed out loud on japanese XD yeah the author must be japanese I am not surprised for wt u wrote but I am speechless abt how much u typed How did u even typed this? How long did u take ? I didn't write it all at once. I updated my review along with my progress reading the book. I stopped updating it when I stopped reading it. You, my good sir are dedicated. To bear through the equivalent of a japanese novel for 1000 chapters requires patience which i can't even fathom. I rolled my eyes when you said you like evil/selfish, aka edgy MCs, but If what you said about this book is true, then I'd take them over this shit 100%. I did not even read the thing, but I still feel violated. Wtf author Lol. Any one can like anything. People have different taste. You can't use your own taste to determine that something is bad. It is as I stated, if you like a hero then you might enjoy the book. I didn't enjoy the book for several reasons. One of those reasons is that the MC isn't as you've stated it evil/selfish. Broo!!