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Yuder was a commoner Omega who rose to the top with his ability. When he woke up again... Read more Yuder was a commoner Omega who rose to the top with his ability.When he woke up again after being falsely accused and executed, he was back 11 years ago before everything began.A chance to get back…He must not repeat the same mistake he did before.To survive, and to save the world, now he had to save the man he had killed! Collapse Adapted to Manhwa, Age Regression, Assassins, Boss-Subordinate Relationship, Brotherhood, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Character Growth, Couple Growth, Determined Protagonist, Different Social Status, Elemental Magic, Empires, European Ambience, Evil Organizations, Fallen Nobility, Fantasy World, Fearless Protagonist, Flashbacks, Friendship, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hidden Abilities, Hiding True Abilities, Introverted Protagonist, Kingdoms, Knights, Late Romance, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Loyal Subordinates, Magic, Manly Gay Couple, Mature Protagonist, Military, Nobles, Omegaverse, Politics, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Revenge, Royalty, Saving the World, Second Chance, Slow Romance, Unreliable Narrator, Wealthy Characters Pourquoi ya plus de chapitre depuis 7 jours ? Yaoi trash for the fags 😍I actually like this novel. It's written quite well. Who cares what category it falls under. There are some grammatical errors but so what. So long as a book can keep me interested I will read it. I have found far to many books that just repeat the same story line. Those get boring fast and make me want to stop reading for a while. I hope others find this book as interesting as I do for a nice change of pace and pick me up.😍😍😍Please translate faster.🥰🥰 Fk gay IF U FCKING DON'T LIKE, IGNORE IT. AND CHECK THE TAGS B4 READING THE SYNOPSIS!! THIS IS COMMON SENSE. Y ACT LIKE BLIND ILLITERATE MORONS???? THERE R PPL WHO LIKE TO READ YAOI/ SHOUNEN AI. DONT RATE LOW AND DISCOURAGE THOSE READERS AND WASTE TRANSLATORS EFFORTS! BE HUMAN AND ACT LIKE ONE! Hi, please tell me in which chapter does the main character have a secondary gender??? At least approximately. English not my first language, sorry for mistakes Why does it have such a low rating? Cause it's yaoi xD, I get it people like me don't like yaoi but wouldn't it be better to just ignore it rather than giving it low ratings? The line between hatred and not liking is quite damn thin. Some people sacrifice their time and energy to downrate a novel so that thered be no more victims. Id say theyre heroes wdym by victims? yaoi victims? r u also a yaoi hater? I just wish yaoi novels are separated from this kind of sites. Arent there already sites only intended for people like you who want yaoi. Im getting sick of watching gay thumbnails in my fav mangasites, theyre getting more and more, its awful. Now theyre on ranobes too? bro, these uploads were here before you are:) sooooo please if hate it then just skip. They were but not as many like now. Theyre like weeds now. ehhh;-; if it weren't for bL I wouldn't find this site so i consider it a good thing? plus it's making the community grow;-; however too much exposure may lead to some consequences ahahahaha anyway nvm Yaoi is a category of novel, just like fantasy, ecchi and romance.You and your intolerance can look elsewhere if you don't like it. They lack common sense. i hate such ppl Aiyo what's with rating and a weird novel synopsisplopJoin the ranobe discord link in my profile